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Grave Descecrator - Dust to Lust

Grave Descecrator
Dust to Lust
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 15 September 2016, 2:47 PM

GRAVE DESCECRATION is a Tyrant Death/Black Metal band from Rio De Jinero, Brazil.  Formed in 1998, the band deals with themese such as Human darkness, tangible and abstract anti-religions concepts, occult, violence and lust. “Dust to Lust” contains twelve tracks. Following the breif “Intro,” which is a somber affair from organ pipes, “Temple of Abominations” is the first track with vocals. I hear a combination of Thrash and Black Metal, but perhaps more towards the latter. The vocals sort of ride the fence pretty evenly, being somewhat discernable but done in short bursts like you hear in Black Metal. The production is muted for me and someimes their timing is a bit off. I do like the church bells and organ however, as they add an element of evil to the sound. “Gods of Death” sounds like it wants to take off, but it never really gets off the ground. The drums are running double bass but the riff is mid-tempo, and it’s an odd connection in my opinion.

“A Witching Whore” has that “devil’s fifth” chord progression, as was made famous by the title track on the first BLACK SABBATH album. It doesn’t reach out much beyond that however. “Anathema Bloodlust” is tentative at first with minimal instrumentation. There’s a chance to build up some suspense but it never quite does. The main riff is pretty straightforward the the song title is shouted  in the chorus. I would guess the intention is to scare but it didn’t have that effect on me. I do apprecaite when a band mixes in some shorter instrumental pieces to break up some of the monotony on an album with a more classic sound, and “Momento Mori” does that to some degree. As far as interesting goes, “Mephistophallus in Occultopussy” is at the very least a unique song title. Unfortunately the song itself is not so interesting. “Perpetual Oath” is the closer, and the longest song on the album as well. This song reaches some better potential but still stays fairly murky throughout.

The entire album has a “garage band” type of feeling to it. I get that a lof of Black Metal does this by design, to keep out the corporation of the music industry, but being signed to a label I would not expect that. Overall, I could find little to champion here unfortunately. There isn’t even a hint of something that you haven’t heard before and no real musicianship to speak of. I think you can skip out on this one.

Songwriting: 4
Originality: 3
Memorability: 4
Production: 4

2 Star Rating

1. Intro (Dust to Lust)
2. Temple of Abominations
3. Funeral Mist
4. Gods of Death
5. A Witching Whore
6. Host Descecration
7. Anathema Bloodlust
8. Bleed for Worship
9. Momento Mori
10. One More Soul
11. Mephistophallus in Occultopussy
12. Perpetual Oath
Butcherazor "The Black Death" - Guitars/Voices
Black Sin and Damnation - Guitars
Élson "El" Necrogoat - Bass
Márcio "Slaughterer' -Ausgebombt
Record Label: Season of Mist Records


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