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Grave Ritual - Morbid Throne

Grave Ritual
Morbid Throne
by Johnny Jackal at 20 February 2016, 10:39 PM

From the ashes of ABYSMAL LORD, comes the Death Metal band called GRAVE RITUAL. ABYSMAL LORD was more of an Anti-Christianity Death/Black Metal than their new counterpart. GRAVE RITUAL came about in 2009 after a sudden name change (they were used to be called MEATHOLE INFECTION)

This is second full-length album from the boys from Alabama, and first since 2010. They have refined their sound much more than their previous efforts, which include the 2009 EP, they released.

One thing that impressed me is the quality of the production, especially for a Death Metal band. This was much more than I ever imagined; the guitars sound very crisp and the overall quality of the production is top notch. Something I always notice when I listen to the first song of any album is how it sounds as a whole.

I am really glad that they ditched the Anti-Christianity stuff from their previous outfit. I don’t dislike the lyrical content but they expose themselves to being banned from various music festivals throughout the world. It would be really damaging for a new band to be outcast in that particular way.

This is a no-nonsense Death Metal Album but with catchy and unique guitar riffs. The big thing for me was that awesome dose of guitars throughout the album. Evidently, you will always have the Double Bass Drumming because it’s elemental to any good Death Metal Album. The vocalists may not be the best and those effects in the voice aren’t the best choice to be honest. When he can sing with his lungs (and not technology!), you have a classic growl like the olden days of the genre. Sometimes he makes me think of Chuck Schuldiner, sometimes Mikael Akerfeldt and with some Jeff Walker. The bass player seems to be left out at times, and it would have been great to hear a little more from M.C. on some of the songs.

The songs could have been in another order and they are interchangeable. It’s a very short album (a little more than 31 minutes) and it’s very aggressive. If you have a bad day at work (or your wife/girlfriend is nagging you non-stop) and you want to headbang and forget your troubles, well this is a great alternative than punching someone in the mouth. It won’t’ reinvent the wheel but it’s still a great effort from an up and coming Death Metal band.

3 Star Rating

1. Baleful Aversion
2. Autonomous Death
3. Adversary Crown
4. Invoker of Heathen Gnosis
5. Tyrant’s Hammer
6. Masters and Slaves
7. Lewd Perversities
8. Behind the Reigns of God
9. Throne of Continuum
Ryan E. - Vocals, Guitars
M.C. - Bass
Jerm B. - Drums
Record Label: Dark Descent Records


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