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Grave T - Silent Water

Grave T
Silent Water
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 06 March 2020, 6:55 AM

GRAVE T is a Rock band based out of Torino, Italy. Formed in 2015, there was very little information on their Facebook page. So, we’ll have to let the music do the talking here. “Bloody Fountain” leads off the album…it’s sort of Stoner Doom/Alternative sounding music. It’s dark and somewhat somber and the vocals don’t stand out much. “Grave T Wonder def” is a short three-minute track with fast moving guitars, bass, and drums. Again, the vocals fail to make much of a mark here. “Two Good Sisters” opens with a raucous energy and the whistling of sirens in the background. I would call this Alternative Rock for sure. I like that you can hear the bass guitar notes here.

“Sick” is another three-minute song, where the sound is pretty straightforward. You can tell that the band is tight and has talent, but again the vocals are the worst part. “Silent Water” is a more of a mid-temp song with not much when it comes to the riffing and singing. This song is a bit darker but really doesn’t leave much of a mark on me. “Blue Whale” is the longest on the album, at over six minutes in length. It opens slowly and quietly, with what sounds like whale noises in the background. Then, the drums, guitar and bass roll in, complete with vocals. There is somewhat of a dissonant sound here, especially when it comes to the connection, or lack thereof, from the instruments to the vocals.

“Human Impact” has more of a Punk vibe to it. It moves along quickly, and the bassist is quite adept at his chosen instrument. In fact, I would say it’s the best part of the album as a whole. “Viper” features vocals that barely venture out of a low key. The music is fairly tight but they have to do something about the vocals. “Maiden” is over six minutes long. Clean guitars usher in this bluesy song with a swing. It’s unlike any of the other tracks, and I can appreciate the variance here. The guitar solo is a nice touch as well, and here is a song where the vocals work well. “Era Horizon” closes the album, with a balls-to-the-wall energy. There really isn’t much I can champion here, besides the bassist, who does a great job on the album. The vocals are pretty bad, and the riffs are simple, and they are not blazing any new trails in the genre.

Songwriting: 3
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 1
Production: 7

2 Star Rating

1. Bloody Fountain
2. Grave T Wonder def
3. Two Good Sisters
4. Sick
5. Silent Water
6. Blue Whale
7. Human Impact
8. Viper
9. Maiden
10. Era Horizon
Marco Magnani – Vocals
Nick Diamon – Guitars
Alex – Bass
Pappa – Drums
Record Label: Seahorse Records


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