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Graveborne - Through The Window Of The Night Award winner

Through The Window Of The Night
by Marcos “Big Daddy” Garcia at 04 August 2014, 8:00 PM

When the 90’s ended, Black Metal was divided in two clear ways: the most melodic and symphonic bands, and the harsh ones. And on this last group, some bands preferred to stay on a more 90’s fashion, doing a extreme raw and aggressive way of music. Many good names arose from this group, as the Finnish quintet GRAVEBORNE, that comes now with their second album, the infamous “Through the Window of the Night”.

If you’re looking for a extreme and harsh band, GRAVEBORNE came from the grave for you, because their extreme way of doing Black Metal seems sometimes a mix between GORGOROTH and earlier works of EMPEROR (especially on vocals), some touches of DARK FUNERAL, but the aggressiveness can be seen on a more fast fashion or some slower moments, but always extremely good. And be prepared, for they’re very, very explosive and furious!

The sound production tried a lot to balance the raw and putrid sound a band like this needs, but of course the quality is very good. And besides it’s not on the right point yet, it’s good for the album.

The music shows a strong tendency to use extreme moments, but when they use a slower and atmospheric approach, they become perfect, for their musical arrangements turns out clear to our ear, and the quality of vocals, guitars, bass and drums is astonishing!

“Burn the City of God” (great guitars and vocals on a song not so fast), the fast and harsh “Tiesi Päähän”, the full of variations “Root of Evil” (great drums and bass guitar here), the more darkened “In the End I Find My Beginning”, and “Men Behind the Sun” are the better moments on a very good album.

Go, buy it, NOW!

4 Star Rating

1. Burn the City of God
2. Tiesi Päähän
3. Root of Evil
4. Misericordia
5. Into the Abyss
6. In the End I Find My Beginning
7. Pyhää Verta
8. Todkrieg
9. Men Behind the Sun
Raato – Vocals
Marchosias – Guitars
Horkka – Guitars
Blood - Baptist – Bass
Pentele – Drums
Record Label: Séance Records


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