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Gravecrusher - Morbid Black Oath

Morbid Black Oath
by Jorge "The Zarto" Zamudio at 06 August 2014, 5:29 PM

Consistency, that’s something that may be a double edged weapon, for one side, the diehard fans will love each album because sounds exactly as good as the previous one, but on the other hand, people who is interested in finding new bands and new sounds, must reject bands that does nothing that hasn’t been done before, and GRAVECRUSHER may be one of those cases.

On the good edge: this is pure fucking Death Metal, the metal that has captivated for over 3 decades the ears and souls of many metalheads, this release is pure, true, full of passages, that comes from the fastest one, to the hypnotic mid-tempo sounds, guttural voices, bass lines fast and clear, drums from the same hell, and guitars that are fast, heavy (literally) and pretty cool to the genre, after all Death Metal is Death Metal.

The bad edge:  it’s the same of the same, not saying that’s something bad, but you will never find something new, something strange or innovative, this is like another band, on another country, all of them sound the same, and that’s something hard to digest at some points.

To this release, I will give a chance, just because I’m in the Death Metal Mood, and of course for what they do, which is awesome, but at some point, when I want more, I will have to look up on another horizon, this is strongly recommended to fans of the genre (if you are not, just skip, this notes are not made for someone like you).

3 Star Rating

1. Triumph of the Undead
2. Necromantic Perversion
3. Morbid Black Oath
4. Worship the Impaler
5. Mutilation Ritual
6. Deranged Massacre
7. Cryptic Butchery                 
Chaosprayer - Bass
Revenger - Vocals
Mutilator - Drums
Disemboweler -  Guitars
Disguster - Guitars
Record Label: Xtreem Music


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