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Gravehill - Death Curse

Death Curse
by H.P. Buttcraft at 21 March 2014, 7:35 PM

I first heard about CRIMSON RELIC at a recent KAYO DOT concert I attended just this week. I met someone working as press for the show. I was already familiar that Black Metal titans ABSU were from the area but this guy asked me if I had ever heard of the band DIVINE EVE. I told him I had never heard of them before but he went on to say that the first time he saw DIVINE EVE play in Plano, MAUDLIN OF THE WELL performed with them \[author’s note: This is unconfirmed.] and that’s how he got to know KAYO DOT lead singer Toby Driver as this guy was close friends with some of the members of DIVINE EVE. He went on to say how the band reformed in 1996 as CRIMSON RELIC with Rhett Davis, who now currently drums for GRAVEHILL.

Rhett Davis moved away from Plano in 1996-1997 to rejoin his other band MORGION out in California, where GRAVEHILL is also established. His drumming carries over to this band very well. It compliments the swirling assault of the guitars very well. Mike Abominator is a screaming machine that seems to never run out of steam! His versatility in Metal vocals adds a level of volatility to the music.

This album has the best of the worlds of Death, Black, Thrash and Doom. If you are more of a Thrash fan along the lines of SODOM and VENOM, tracks like “Unending Lust for Evil” & “Fear the Reaper”. If Death Metal is more your thing, look no further than “Death Curse” and “Open Their Throats”. Songs like “Black Blood Rising” and “At Hell’s Command” has Blackened passages for and I don’t want to fail to mention the awesome Funeral Doom breakdown in “Open Their Throats”.

GRAVEHILL is everything you want from a band decked to the teeth in bullet belts, studded leather and nails coming out of their wrist guards. These guys are artists in what they do. These guys cut their veins open and bled Metal all over “Death Curse” so the least I can do is respect that. 

3 Star Rating

1. Gates of Hell
2. Death Curse
3. At Hell’s Command
4. Open Their Throats
5. Fear the Reaper
6. Unending Lust for Evil
7. Black Blood Rising
8. Crucified
9. The Ascending Fire
Rhett “Thorgrimm” Davis - Drums
Mike Abominator – Vocals
Jason “J.T. Corpse” Bumby – Bass
Hell Messiah – Guitar
CC DeKill - Guitar
Record Label: Dark Descent Records


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