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Gravehill - The Unchaste, the Wicked, & the Profane

The Unchaste, the Wicked, & the Profane
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 20 April 2018, 6:24 AM

When extreme Metal came to light in the first half of the 80’s, bearing influences from MOTORHEAD and earlier Punk Rock/Hardcore bands, no one could think that, as time passes by, this form of playing Metal would be as fragmented as it is today. Let’s be honest: it is becoming extremely difficult to hear bands playing something new due this fact. Although they aren’t creating something new, GRAVEHILL shows a good work on “The Unchaste, the Wicked, & the Profane”.

The quintet plays a violent and distorted form of Thrash/Black Metal bear influences from the 80’s, but not being moldy or outdated as some bands insist to be. We can feel a brutal and extreme energy coming from their songs, with very good work on the musical instruments and vocals. On their songs, some good ideas point to a very good future, if they know how to deal their cards. Yes, it’s good, indeed. The sound quality was done in a way that they can sound brutal and aggressive, with an essential dose of rawness, but always sounding clear to our ears. Their musical bears an impact that can surprise many fans, and you can understand what they are playing and what they want to do with their musical work, because the sound quality is not excessively raw and putrid.

Eight doses of pure adrenaline awaits for you on “The Unchaste, the Wicked, & the Profane”, but the fast and really aggressive “Bestial Genesis” with its very good guitars, the good tempos used on “Iron & Sulphur” (a good and simple work can be heard on bass guitar and drums), the whiplashing fury of “Plague Hammer”, the excellent and hardcorized energy that flows from “The Profane” (very good vocals), and the shellshocks called “Sabbatic Whore” and “D.I.E.” are their finest songs. But you can hear this album from the beginning to its end without problems. GRAVEHILL is a very good name in the scene, indeed.

Originality: 7
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Bestial Genesis
2. Iron & Sulphur
3. The Unchaste
4. Plague Hammer
5. The Profane
6. Sabbatic Whore
7. The Wicked
8. D.I.E.
Corpse - Vocals
Hell Messiah - Guitars
Eldehelm - Guitars
Bodybag Bob - Bass
Thorngrimm - Drums
Record Label: Dark Descent Records


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