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Graveripper - Radiated Remains

Radiated Remains
by Andrew Harvey at 16 July 2021, 6:52 PM

GRAVERIPPER are a fairly newly formed black/thrash metal band from the city of Indianapolis in the state of Indiana (USA). The band have been known to be heavily influenced by VENOM, TOXIC HOLOCAUST and SKELETONWITCH. However more recently the singer, Corey Parks commented on the bands style saying “we’ve described ourselves as if EXODUS and KREATOR had a kid and IMMORTAL babysat frequently”.

As the band are in their early stages, they have time to show what they can offer us musically. However they did release a 3 track EP called COMPLETE BLINDING DARKNESS last year in 2020. Now they have released their follow up EP titled RADIATED REMAINS containing nine tracks as a limited edition. The EP was released through Wise Blood Records earlier this month.

The EP starts off with a short but brief musical passage which is “Instinctive Extinction” with sustained guitar hooks and a tempo that feels more like triplets as in the time signature where there are groups of three’s played. Moving on to the next track “Atoms Divide” which makes its mark with the driving force of guitar and drums. But when we hear the tempo of this track we can hear perhaps an influence of speed metal.

“All Life Decays” carries similar patterns with guitar and drums. The guitar as before creates variation in rhythm and sound throughout. In “Cherenkov Light” the correlation between guitar and drums is strong. Towards the end, we hear guitar shrieks and screams which so far we haven’t had before. “Complete Blinding Darkness” , which was also the title of their first EP, continues that same vibe and energy. The drums by themselves really bring out the creativity and craftsmanship of this EP.

“King Killer” stands out for the vocals to start with themes of death, decay and darkness. The guitar hooks are just so good and enjoyable that they do symbolize the word ‘killer’. “The One Reborn” once more brings out the different elements showing initiative and good judgement. The final two tracks, “A Swift Kick To The Teeth” and “Bite Of A Parasite” bring everything to a close. The vocals are as evil and sinister as before as guitar & drums blend all instruments together.

The EP is certainly full of very appealing effects and we do hear the black/thrash metal influences more. We shall have to wait & see, if the band follow this up with another release, perhaps a full length album.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Instinctive Extinction
2. Atoms Divide
3. All Life Decays
4. Cherenkov Light
5. Complete Blinding Darkness
6. King Killer
7. The One Reborn (Bonus Track)
8. A Swift Kick To The Teeth (Bonus Track)
9. Bite Of A Parasite (Bonus Track)
Corey Parks - Vocals & Guitar
Keegan Hrybyk - Lead Guitar
Chris Pilotte - Bass Guitar
Jacob Lett - Drums
Record Label: Wise Blood Records


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