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Graveshadow - Nocturnal Resurrection

Nocturnal Resurrection
by Craig Rider at 01 February 2016, 2:09 PM

What's up, Metal maniacs? I'm here once again to give you an insight on GRAVESHADOW and their latest album: “Nocturnal Resurrection”.

From California comes this quintet who, label themselves “Symphonic, Gothic, Thrash and Doom Metal”, wow. I'm in for a treat. Releasing “Nocturnal Resurrection” via Mausoleum Records I jam hard and to the best of my ability; review this album for you.

Through Gothic inspiration; imagery, and all things Metal comes this incredibly atmospheric but talented Metal inquisition, jointed with female-fronted vocals from Heather Michele, with an orchestrated line-up that seem to implement every Metal that you can imagine. Especially when I entered the first track: “Namesake”. Heather Michele has a multitude of epic vocal talent; growling, clean, you name it. We also have Valerie Hudak on the keyboard; unleashing that typical Gothic mood of atmospheric intent. With the combined power of Will Walker on Rhythm Guitars, Matt Mitchell on the Lead Guitars - you can imagine the scope of greatness this band pump out with the fusion of Thrash and Doom Metal high strong. I was positively blown away by this motive.

Also adding a magnificent powerhouse: Roman Anderson on his drum-kit, pounding the shit out of them for the sake of Thrash (evidently shown in “In The Roar Of Desire) and Ben Armstrong on the powerful bass; this is a band who show they have balls of steel, and have proved this to me even via the first listen on “Nocturnal Resurrection”. “Lycan Lust” pumps out a truly organic but aggressive riff that lasts the entirety of the song; showcasing some fantastic Thrash Metal here. For some reason, I felt I was listening to BABY METAL at points with this one; I think Heather Michele will know where I'm coming from with that opinion!

Winter's Come To Call” is typically Gothic and acknowledges the Doom Metal inspiration a little bit here but so far, I haven't distinguished this musical feel within the band yet. Heather Michele continues to prove why she has really good singing talent that some may argue - teach Angela Gossow from ARCH ENEMY (as an example) a thing or two. Although that's an entirely different band really; but for comparisons sake, I thought I'd put that out there. “Blink” features Ralf Scheepers  for an epic duet which in my opinion, feels like the Doom Metal is most influenced here.

While “Fading” continues that epic riff pattern I mentioned earlier as well, it's quite evident to me at this point that this is a band that all Metal fans should take note of. It's really great when you combine Thrash and Doom Metal into one and try to create some extraordinarily atmospheric but combine elementary forces of Metal into one neat package. And GRAVESHADOW are a new band for the ages. With “Exhumed” showcasing some particularly noteworthy jams at the end, and “Blood And Fire” ending the album in similar fashion; all I can really say is - they have outdone themselves for a first time attempt at a full-length release. With band's only releasing act “Graveshadow” as their first EP and now “Nocturnal Resurrection” so far, this is a band I'll have to take note of, and so should you.

This is what Metal is all about; a combined, epic melody of steel with a fusion of what we all love in Metal. If you're craving some new material; look no further, GRAVESHADOW mean business and want to show you that they have the talent and an armament to bring you power and entertainment to your eardrums and fists.

4 Star Rating

1. Namesake
2. In The Roar Of Desire
3. Lycan Lust
4. Winter's Come To Call
5. Blink (feat. Ralf Scheepers)
6. Fading
7. Exhumed
8. Blood And Fire
Heather Michele - Vocals
Will Walker - Rhythm Guitars
Matt Mitchell - Lead Guitars
Valerie Hudak - Keys
Roman Anderson - Drums
Ben Armstrong - Bass
Record Label: Mausoleum Records


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