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Graveslave – Devotion

by Santiago Puyol at 09 March 2020, 8:36 PM

Released on Mar. 6th, 2020, "Devotion" is GRAVESLAVE’S newest EP, following their debut full-length "Sick/Nasty" from 2017. "Devotion" is a frantic, 5-track, 15-minute journey of pure brutality and pounding grooves. A slice of classic Grindcore with a dash of Tech Death in it.

"God of Slaughter" opens the EP honoring its title with a brutal assault of your senses right from the very beginning. Ben Fagerness becomes a best beneath the drum kit, with his manic style, very cymbal-heavy. The track features an outstanding breakdown while guitar squeaks add a demented edge to it. The mixture of low-pitched growls and high-pitched screams is an inspired choice, as it contributes to the sense of urgency of the track. The whole band excels through tight playing.

A groovy vibe enters on "Grotesque Hybrid" with its exquisite basslines. A very technical, with clear NAPALM DEATH inspiration. Its thrashy final section is capped with remarkable shredding from Joel Sigsbee. Meanwhile, "Surgical Extraction" takes a tribal route with its drumming. A subtly melodic guitar is layered amidst the distortion and the chaos, seemingly classically inspired. The track transitions between different sections skillfully, as nothing feels out of place. The short length –just over two minutes– leaves the listener wanting more. It certainly brings early BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME to mind.

"Underworld Connections" is punkish and rough. More bass pounding, frantic drumming and noisy riffing. Midpoint through it slows down for a classically-inspired solo, this time very melodic. Josh Burke lays down a warm bassline, providing a nice bed for the lead guitar, before things go brutal once again. Closer "Fatal Push" builds on the elements from previous tracks. A fitting conclusion to a tight EP.

"Devotion" is an impressive EP from a talented bunch that more than know their way around their instruments. Vocally impressive, even if a little monotone at times, Ashton George’s style fits the music perfectly. Being an EP, its short length is nothing out of the ordinary, and it feels like its own entity. Still, damn if it does not leave you wanting to hear more!

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. God of Slaughter
2. Grotesque Hybrid
3. Surgical Extraction
4. Underworld Connections
5. Fatal Push
Roman Johnson – Guitar and Vocals
Joel Sigsbee – Guitar and Vocals
Josh Burke – Bass
Ben Fagerness – Drums
Ashton George – Lead vocals
Record Label: Trvasfuk Music


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