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Gravewurm - Abyss Sorcery (Reissue) Award winner

Abyss Sorcery (Reissue)
by Craig Rider at 06 November 2015, 3:44 PM

Here we have “Old Goat Black Metal” (as described on their facebook page), a band called GRAVEWURM destroys my innards, and my God, they are deadly. Hailing from the United States of America; this Black/Death Metal quintet had me digging at this raw sound of steel, while headbanging the crap out of my… well, my head. The band formed in the 1990s and since then, they have released endless amounts of Demos until finally releasing their first full length 10 years later, quite the hiatus, huh? But the 2000s are where the band finally unleashed an extensive catalogue and judging by the “likes” on their facebook page, they (in my opinion) should have more fans, because after listening to “Abyss Sorcery”, I am convinced that they are one of the better Black Metal bands I've had the pleasure to listen to. They may not be “well-known” but most of the lesser-known bands (at least for me) kick the most arse if I'm brutally honest but that's just my opinion of course.

…So “Abyss Sorcery” - their new album since 2013s “Infernal Minions” has been blasting while writing this review… and from the beginning introduction track - “The Demonforce…” to the amazing “Into The Cauldron”, the fist pounding and extreme headbanging began. GRAVEWURM has a majestic sound to them, such raw power and deadly as hell drums and riffs. Funeral (that's his nickname) plays guitars and vocals; in typical Black Metal fashion, they are there, more deadly and brutal than ever. Filth describes this sound better, or rather… RAW FILTH, good, huh? …anyway… Killing that bass; Von Sligow, and Lord Mazillion destroying those Drums, continue to put the brutal face of approval upon my own face, it's a good sound and it pretty much carries on throughout the album. There are no compromises…just all-out deadly as fuck bruteness.

Commanding The Black Crusade” has a particularly fine drum sound, almost reminding me of METALLICA's “Ride The Lightning” obviously GRAVEWURM are far different, but in comparison to that sound in “Fade To Black” (I believe it was), the sound production sounds a LITTLE like that, which is a very nice touch to have sound return in a modern age quality of sound. The bass is also very deep here. This is also one of the longer songs on the album.
The Sun Is Lost To Us”, “Twisted Crucifix” and “Restless Spectre” end the album brutally. Slowly, almost as if there was a hint of Doom Metal in the air…but if you are not yet convinced that this album is positively worth checking out – I'd just say, you're crazy. All fans of Metal should listen to this album. You would be doing the band and yourself a favor. “Abyss Sorcery” is almost a masterful work of art. Now what are you waiting for? Check it out already!

4 Star Rating

1. The Demonforce…
2. Into The Cauldron
3. Certain Doom
4. Abyss Sorcery
5. Divinity In The Night
6. By Sorcery I Shall Burn
7. Commanding The Black Crusade
8. The Sun Is Lost To Us
9. Twisted Crucifix
10. Restless Spectre
Von Sligow - Bass
Lord Mazillion - Drums
Funeral - Guitar, Vocals
Record Label: Forbidden Records


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