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Graveyard – Innocence & Decadence

Innocence & Decadence
by Laura Cosheril at 21 October 2015, 9:42 AM

Hard Rock quartet GRAVEYARD are back again with their new album “Innocence & Decadence”. If you like your rock blues-y and psychedelic then you’ll love GRAVEYARD (if you don’t already!) Since their debut “Hisingen Blues” back in 2011 with Nuclear Blast, they have really stormed the genre and have quickly become one of the leading psychedelic/blues rock bands of modern day. “Innocence & Decadence” is really not all that different from their previous releases – in a good way! They continue to bang out amazing tunes and we’re not let down with this album.

The second song on the album ”The Apple And The Tree” quickly grows on me and I fall in love with Joakim’s vocals; it’s like a serenade for the alternative and dark mannered folk. The guitar work is funky and very 70s psychedelic in atmosphere. There’s a lot going on in this track but it doesn’t get messy and that’s the beauty of the way GRAVEYARD write their music.

My absolute favourite track of the album comes in the form of “From A Hole In The Wall”. It begins with a fast and upbeat guitar riff. They went overboard on the fuzz effect with this song. But, alas, it sounds phenomenal! Once again, the vocals on this track are on point and the entire song just makes you want to get up and dance (if you are so inclined).

Upon listening to more of this album it’s evident that there is definitely something for everyone in this album. If you like fast and upbeat then “Magnetic Shunk” is for you. If you like your rock more laid back and bluesy then throw on “Exit 97”. It’s really hard to find a rock band that do what they say on the tin; nowadays most rock bands seem to not actually know what rock is. GRAVEYARD teach us the ways of the old in this album and bring us on a time travel journey back to the 70s, dipping our toes back into modern day every now and again. GRAVEYARD found their muse, their sound and just keep spitting out progressively superior albums. They are a force to be reckoned with.

4 Star Rating

1. Magnetic Shunk
2. The Apple & The Tree
3. Exit 97
4. Never Theirs To Sell
5. Can't Walk Out
6. Too Much Is Not Enough
7. From A Hole In The Wall
8. Cause & Defect
9. Hard-Headed
10. Far Too Close
11. Stay For A Song
Joakim Nilsson – Guitar & Vocals
Jonathan Ramm – Guitar
Truls Mörck – Bass
Axel Sjöberg - Drums
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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