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Graveyard Rockstars – Doomsday

Graveyard Rockstars
by MarcusTheRocker at 27 March 2015, 12:02 PM

When doing the research for a band to review, I usually see some bands with some very odd names and usually I assume off the bat that the music is going to be rubbish which has happened a few times but there have been times where the music is good despite the odd band name and when that happens I usually feel a bit dumb for jumping to conclusions. Anyway, on with today’s review and the band featured has one of those odd names but I won’t make any assumptions about the music until I’ve actually heard it.

The band in question is called GRAVEYARD ROCKSTARS and their debut album “Doomsday” is the subject of today’s review. The band are a 5-piece Horror Rock band from Sydney, Australia and the genre style does sound a bit odd from the name alone but I won’t judge it just yet until the music has been played and play the music I have so now it’s time to talk about what I think about this album.

From the first song on the record, which is “Demonatrix”, my first impressions are usually what can make or break a record for me. And straight away the impressions are quite good as the sound of the first song is very heavy with some surprisingly tight production for an album of this type - but that is not a bad thing of course, as it gives you an idea of what the band’s sound is like and it keeps you hoping that the rest of the record is good too.

Throughout the remainder of the record, the tight sound keeps on coming with tunes such as “Sleepless September”, “Dusk Till Dawn”, “Vow of Silence” and “The Sickness” and it’s in these tracks that you begin to appreciate that despite the name of the genre they play in and the name of their band, GRAVEYARD ROCKSTARS is a band who don’t fuck about as they clearly take their music very seriously and it teaches people like me that you shouldn’t make instant assumptions when doing research unless you actually listen to the music.

So what makes up the formula for the tight sound on this record? The main thing is of course the production which I have to admit is very clean and very good but it’s the other parts which also impress you such as the heavy guitars, the pounding drumbeats, the deep bass riffs and the surprisingly good vocal performance which yes may have a couple of growly-screamo moments in a couple of places here and there but for the most part it’s actually quite good.

Bottom line, I will openly admit here and now that I was very surprised by what I heard when listening to this as before I would have assumed that the music was crap based on the genre style and the band’s image/name which I have done quite a lot and probably will still do but I hope I can slowly put those days behind me as I quite enjoyed listening to “Doomsday” by GRAVEYARD ROCKSTARS and you should too.

4 Star Rating

1. Demonatrix
2. Disengage
3. Sleepless September
4. Dusk Till Dawn
5. The Killing
6. Doomsday Anthem
7. Vow of Silence
8. Black Widow Intro
9. Black Widow
10. The Sickness
Ash Rothschild – Vocals
Brendan Synzz – Guitar/ Vocals
M Ripper – Lead Guitar
Dee Dee Black – Bass/Background Vocals
Zotty Gravez – Drums/Programming
Record Label: Independent


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