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Graveyard Shifters - Brainwashed by Moonshine

Graveyard Shifters
Brainwashed by Moonshine
by Adam Clarke at 12 October 2014, 2:17 AM

I think a group of people had a shit ton of red bull, picked up their instruments, and just went hard at it. I haven’t so much energy go into such a short space of time, I think I was worn out by the end of it! Imagine if you had a couple of kids that would not run out of energy, and they were running rampage around you all day? It’s kind of like that; it’s a ball full of fun!

Right from when I first pressed the play button, I knew it was gonna be a roller coaster of a ride. After the count in from Salmenoja, the guitars kick in, the solos commence, the pace quickens, sweat starts to pour, it’s a beautiful and energetic sound that they have going on here. Vaininopaa and Kansonen know exactly what to do when it comes to energetic riffs and solos; all I wanted to do was thrash my neck back and forth to their energy. The vocals from Matillainen are beastly, growling over the fast paced drums and letting out hellish screams that pierce my ears. “Chicken Cage of Terror” is certainly my favorite song on the record, it is such a strong and lively song and I can imagine it gets crazy in a live performance. I noticed as the record goes on, the pace gets progressively slower, however, it keeps that same energy that we found in the first song! The vocals are still just as passionate, and in fact, in some places, it gets faster than it ever has done in the whole record, “Play The Victim” is also a brilliant song.

Basically, what I’m saying is, I can see this band blowing up in the near future. It’s something you can’t not enjoy, please, show them some support and give it a listen!

4 Star Rating

1. Chicken Cage of Terror
2. A Good Day to Die Hard and Loud
3. Graveyard Shifters (Necromance)
4. Molotov Cocktail
5. Play the Victim
J. Matillainen - Vocals
J. Sumkin - Bass and Vocals
A. Salmenoja - Drums, Vocals, Percussion
V. Vainionpaa - Guitars, Vocals
H. Kansonen - Guitars
Record Label: Eternal Sound Records


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