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Graveyard Shifters - High Heels & Broken Bones Award winner

Graveyard Shifters
High Heels & Broken Bones
by Chelsea Jennings at 29 July 2015, 12:41 AM

GRAVEYARD SHIFTERS is a crossover punk/rock-n-roll/metal band from Kereva, Finland. GRAVEYARD SHIFTERS began in the fall of 2013, and are now releasing their latest full-length effort "High Heels & Broken Bones" via Eternal Sound Records.

GRAVEYARD SHIFTERS is an eclectic combination of short, angry "punk-like" songs talking about typical punk attitudes including many "Fuck You's" to society and everything in it. There is an overlying anarchist theme to many of the tracks including "Tearvomitor" and "Love On The Rocks" which basically flip the middle finger at life and then at love and relationships respectively. They point out all of the things that are wrong with mainstream society, and all of the things they are dissatisfied with, which has always been a very "punk" attitude to take towards life.

There are also heavy, skull-crushing drumbeats and driving guitar riffs present in GRAVEYARD SHIFTERS music that are more rock-n-roll in nature than punk. There are screamo vocals on many tracks as well, which ties a Death Metal feel into the music as well. Songs like "High Heels & Broken Bones" are wailing, scream-o anthems on the album. More examples of scream-o anthem tracks would include hits like "Beerserker" or "Kyynelyikkinen".

GRAVEYARD SHIFTERS come together with short, heavy, angry, anarchist-themed tracks that mix punk with heavy, skull-crushing rock-n-roll beats and riffs to make an interesting, eclectic mix of Rock-N'-Punk music on their latest 10-track effort. It's an "experiment" that is a risk to take, but GRAVEYARD SHIFTERS have managed to pull it off.

4 Star Rating

1. High Heels & Broken Bones
2. Tearvomitor
3. Buy Low, Sell High
4. Love On The Rocks
5. Bender
6. Pocket Puppet Show
7. Firestarter
8. Doomsdaydreamer
9. Beerserker
10. Kyynelyikkinen
J. Matilainen - Vocals
J. Sumkin - Backing Vocals & Bass
V. Vaniopaa - Backup Vocals & Guitars
Record Label: Eternal Sound Records


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