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Graveyard - Into The Mausoleum (EP) (CD)

Into The Mausoleum (EP)
by Grigoris Chronis at 22 December 2007, 2:05 PM

You look at the Press Release sheet and see a band member boasting a VENOM T-shirt: OK, the review's already worth a 5/10 grade. Even if the CD inside is blank, the heritage of the British diabolic trio adds respect to the successors. GRAVEYARD hails from Barcelona, Spain and their Into The Mausoleum promo CD EP eventually stands for two things…
Old-School: The production is primitive. Chaotic at times, it does delicately  expose the trio's thirst for revulsion and loathing. The cover artwork - drawn in grey scale - ties lovely with the music disgust. The band's performance is as expected: up-to-the limit instrumentation, with much of rawness and less of will to 'win' a mainstream ear. There's definitely chemistry between the musicians, letting aside the fact that enough of 'lack of harmony symmetry' has been done on purpose, for the love of 80s…
Euro Death/Thrash Metal: GRAVEYARD perform in the vein of ASPHYX, 'old' ENTOMBED, (partial) NUNSLAUGHTER and (some of) early SEPULTURA. Slow or mid tempo grooves exchange 'graveyard' intensity with brutal outbursts, but not in any Florida Death Metal way. GRAVEYARD's aim is stuck mainly to the European 'classic' Death/Thrash deeds. Due to the philthy sound, rotten air is diffused everywhere. The guitar leads are maniacal, but lack technical twist. The vocals are furious, putrid and aghast while the rhythm section has nothing to be jealous of in terms of ambience but needs some more work in the sector of 'organised chaos' punctuality.
GRAVEYARD aims at old-school Death/Thrash maniacs. And they actually do a good job over here. Via a more 'proper' (not definitely clean) production things will turn out even better. There's some rumour 'bout Antichristian Front Records or Black Seed Productions inking deal with GRAVEYARD, so we'll wait and see. Rot in the graveyard now, if you wish…

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Into The Mausoleum
One Of Them
King Of The Graveyard
In The Shadows Of Death
Bastard - Rhythm & Lead Guitars
Julkarn - Bass & Growls
Gusi - Drums
Record Label: Self Released


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