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Graveyard - One With The Dead (CD)

One With The Dead
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 18 December 2009, 2:07 PM

There are times you listen to an album and it just fits like a glove to the music you are listening to the most at that time period. GRAVEYARD was exactly what I expected when I saw this black & white “deadly” cover artwork and read the band's bio note. Follow me deathsters…

Hailing from a country not so famous about its Metal, and mostly its Death Metal, the Spanish quartet GRAVEYARD have managed to share the stage with acts like ASPHYX, ARTILLERY and NECROS CHRISTOS just to name a few. They have this underground ethic with tapes, vinyl releases and compilations being a part of their discography. Oh how I love such bands!

As it seems these guys do not intend to be rock stars or something, and this is imprinted on their music. Their old school Death Metal features this honest sound that you can find only in releases that go back many years. The change between mid tempo rotten parts and fast outbreaks, the deadly guitars, the bestial vocals, everything contributes to this result, which really carries the stench of a graveyard! The man who helped the band have this sound and unfold its cannibalistic instincts is no other than the Death Metal magician, Dan Swano, who took care of the mastering at his Unisound Studio.

If you are looking for music that will remind you of the old days of bands like GRAVE, DISMEMBER, ASPHYX etc, then GRAVEYARD is a real treat for you! Do not expect crystal clear sound, faster than the speed of light tempo and non stop blasts. If this album was released 20 years ago somewhere in Europe, it would be considered a masterpiece today, but times change…

Thumbs up for the CANDLEMASS cover, which sounds even more wicked than the original, hahaha!

3 Star Rating

Prologue: The Reaping
Pantheon Vulture
The Burning Gate
Riding A Pale Horse
Carven Epitaph
One With The Dead
Walking Horrors Of The Undead
Abandoned Churches
Caro Data Vermibus
The Skull
A Tale Of Creation (CANDLEMASS Cover)
Julkarn - Vocals, Bass
Bastard - Guitar
Sbe - Guitar
Gusi - Drums
Record Label: BlackSeed Productions


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