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Gravil - No More Forgiveness Award winner

No More Forgiveness
by Tim Bolitho-Jones at 14 June 2017, 4:51 AM

GRAVIL might be one of the best kept secrets of the UK underground. Their previous record – 2013’s “Thoughts Of A Rising Sun” – was an underrated gem that deserved a wider audience than it found, but they’ve really stepped up to the plate with this sophomore effort. “No More Forgiveness” is a confident and impressive follow-up that’ll hopefully see their fan base expand dramatically. It’s also far more aggressive than their debut. There are no gentle acoustic intros or film quotes to ease the listener in as “Detonate” goes straight for the jugular. The furious onslaught doesn’t ease even slightly as they charge through a raging Thrashy, Melodeath anthem that turns into the equally pummeling “Are We Alive.” These are songs designed to get the blood pumping and the pit raging, but played with a high degree of skill and proficiency. They can slam with the best of them, but GRAVIL are also adept musicians.

Their song writing skills come to the fore with “I Am The Blood,” the closest they get to a potential single in the entire track list. There’s a rare clean vocal in the chorus that helps this one stand out, but otherwise it’s just as harsh and venomous as the preceding duo. “Plagues, Thieves And Murderers” then eases off the throttle but maintains the intensity, stomping through five ominous minutes before things escalate again with “Locate The Traitor.” This one has a similar vibe to CHIMAIRA’s nastiest moments and is utterly seething with spit-flecked hatred. “Choke In Silence” continues in much the same vein but they throw another curveball with “Fractured, Divided.” With a slower pace, a mournful tone and powerful female vocals, this song forges a different path and winds up like the Death Metal equivalent of a ballad. It’s also the first of four utterly barnstorming tracks that they use to round the album off, with “Decommissioned” and “Forever Is A Prison” both surging brutally before the stunning “One Eyed King” finishes it all on a high. As surly and uncompromising as “No More Forgiveness” gets, it’s easy to see why GRAVIL have been garnering praise everywhere they turn. This is merciless and intense Metal that doffs its cap to the genre’s legends but also isn’t afraid to have a forward looking, bloodshot gaze. If you’ll pardon this really terrible pun, we’re really digging GRAVIL.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Detonate
2. Are We Alive
3. I Am The Blood
4. Plagues, Thieves And Murderers
5. Locate The Traitor
6. Choke In Silence
7. Fractured, Divided
8. Decommissioned
9. Forever Is A Prison
10. One Eyed King
Grant Stacey – Vocals
Charlie Webster – Guitars
Tony Dando – Guitars
Kris Perrin – Drums
Sparx – Bass, Backing Vocals 
Record Label: Independent


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Edited 14 August 2022

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