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Graywitch - Rise of the Witch

Rise of the Witch
by John Foley at 30 August 2021, 6:26 AM

Today we have the debut album from classic metallers GRAYWITCH with “Rise of the Witch" which was released back in June 2021. The band formed in 2018 with members coming from both Greece and Cyprus. If you are a fan of the classic sounds of HELLOWEEN, IRON MAIDEN, GAMMA RAY and KING DIAMOND then this is a must for you. The album opens with the power harmonies of “Night Demons". Some classic sounding riffs hit and vocals that try to lift the song up. This sound really sounds like old school power metal. With some decent lead guitar lines and ripping solo's it makes for a pretty fun track.

Next up we have “Midnight Metal Queen". It is a very rockin sounding song with equally as rockin sounding riffs. It builds a bit to a sing along chorus and we get some pretty cool phrases in the guitar solos. Then we come to “Metalhead" with it’s very old school IRON MAIDEN style riffs. It is a nice bang your head type of tune and you can hear that bass thundering through. We get this really epic sounding middle section with a cool guitar solo too. This song is an ode to heavy metal fans everywhere.

You can hear that big things are coming from the intro of “Heavy Metal Life". This one has a real power metal feel to it but with a slight thrash metal verse. There is a nice and heavy chorus to be found and the song has a few different styles all blended into one as it is a tribute to heavy metal life. A piano melody plays us in on the track “My Comrade". The guitars then take over with the double bass from the drums pounding away. The piano comes back with this lovely melody which makes this one a sort of ballad type song. The rest of the band are then back to lift the song up with lots of alternate picking and some cool lead guitar lines. This is a very different song to the rest of the album.

The song “Witch of the Damned” opens with a clean guitar melody backed by a cello and some angelic harmonies. The guitar riffs then take over as we get this big sounding chorus. There is a cool dual guitar solo and guitar harmonies to follow. This could be a decent radio hit. The last track on the album and we have “Realm of the Unseen". An acoustic guitar melody starts us off which is really nice. It is then interrupted by the drums and then we are back to the acoustic once again but with the vocals this time. The guitars then start to creep in and it switches to a real rockin tune with some cool lead guitar lines. With plenty of decent riffing you can hear that the band are trying to give it their all. We get this really cool middle section with some stylish guitar solo’s to match and then back to the acoustic guitar to play us out.

From listening to “Rise of the Witch”, GRAYWITCH have a very old school sound to them. With each song you can really hear the bands that influenced them. Please ty of classic sounding riffs with solo’s to match. Very old school lyrical themes as well with subjects like demons, women and of course Heavy Fucking Metal.

Songwriting: 5
Memorability: 6
Musicianship: 7
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Night Demon
2. Midnight Metal Queen
3. Metalhead
4. Heavy Metal Life
5. Old Salt
6. My Comrade
7. The Rise
8. Witch of the Damned
9. Where are you Baby
10. Realm of the Unseen
Dino Nassis – Vocals
Spyros Vlachopoulos – Guitar
John Boutzetis – Guitar
Aris Ioannou – Bass
Thomas Chalkias – Drums
Record Label: Sleaszy Rider Records


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