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Great White - 30 Years: Live From The Sunset Strip Award winner

Great White
30 Years: Live From The Sunset Strip
by CJ "Music God" Plain at 14 March 2013, 6:33 PM

So, I don't think it's any secret of the acrimonious past when it comes to the band GREAT WHITE. From the infamous fire to the current legal situation concerning past members, this band has seen its share of troubles. Through all this, the true core of this band, Mark Kendall, Michael Lardie, and Audie Desbrow have kept this thing alive and running.

The band now consists of the amazing rhythm section of Scott Snyder and Audie Desbrow, the vocals of Terry Ilous, Mark Kendall on guitar, and Michael Lardie on guitar and keys.

I've heard all of the arguments from fans of how Jack Russell was the "voice" of GREAT WHITE and how it's not the same without him. I'm here to tell you, I will totally disagree with that statement and tell you that Ilous does a monster of a job taking up the mantle here.

Anyone that has ever questioned Ilous's ability only need listen here. He infuses these classic tunes with a bluesy, ballsy, style that Russell just didn't have. There's a fire in the belly here. You can tell the guys are having a great time playing together.

The guitars are as sharp as ever and the rhythm section is dead on. Mark Kendall has never sounded better playing guitar. This is a great band in its true element. Illous's vocals are just gutsy, emotional, and all encompassing here.

All the classics are here done in a way that should make any true rock fan overjoyed. These are classic tunes done in a classic style with just a smidgeon of a modern twist on them. Terry adds his own special style of smack down to the tunes here.

After 30 years of playing live, there's not a better way to honour the legacy of a band. This is an amazing show from a band that has learned from the past and sees the future as brighter than ever. 

4 Star Rating

1. Desert Moon
2. Lady Red Light
3. Face The Day
4. House Of Broken Love
5. Save Your Love
6. Mista Bone
7. The Big Goodbye
8. Back To The Rhythm
9. Rock Me
10. Can't Shake It
11. Once Bitten Twice Shy
Mark Kendall — Guitar
Michael Lardie — Keyboards & Guitar
Scott Snyder — Bass
Audie Desbrow — Drums
Terry Illous -Vocals
Record Label: Frontiers Records


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