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Greedy Capitalist - Radical Denunciations

Greedy Capitalist
Radical Denunciations
by Quinten Serna at 02 November 2019, 7:06 PM

Coming from Guadalajara, Jalisco within Mexico GREEDY CAPITALIST just managed their debut album, “Radical Denunciations,” a 38 and a half minute excursion caught somewhere between Death and Thrash Metal whilst never fully committing to one niche over the other.

The album starts up with the title track as the premiere—“Radical Denunciations” commences with some stock recordings of screams of terror which could have originally been the signaling knell to Godzilla’s arrival or something as equally campy. The snare counts in the band which all starts together in heavy harmony, whilst the guitars paint the textured background of unapologetic aggression, the bass and drums fill in the foundation with darkened and deepened expressions as the vocals facilitate the tones with shrieks of anger and desperation perfectly matched to the music. “Zero Prospect” starts up with an eager and fast paced drum groove whereupon the band quickly joins in just to slow down, yet once more the drums hasten the track and a solo fills in the previously tacet strings before the verse starts. The song has an intense dynamic between slow and fast wherein the transitions are seamless and expertly crafted. “Domination” begins with some stock news broadcast as the guitar sounds underneath playing a quick tempo leading riff before breaking the silence as the rest of the band joins in and the second guitar provides a small melodic solo. As the band dies out the bass grows precluding the verse in the process, the intensity juts to a start as every instrument comes sounds out en masse. The chorus changes the drums and vocals though overall the theme and motif remains the same. “Confrontations” finishes the album and is itself possibly the most dynamic track upon the album, bearing significant speed and form changes in every section of the song from the reaching chords at the start of the song, to the blaring drums of the verse, to the staccato bells of the chorus, and the clean break that follows immediately.

The guitars are rich and powerful forming a perfect blend in near every track though never drowning out any rhythm or lead section with the other. The bass is thick and direct crafting the foundation of every track pairing in perfection with the percussion. The drums are solid and distinct, though the cymbals are a little buried which is unfortunate. The singing is reaching and controlled, something that is both aggressive but also well constructed.

GREEDY CAPITALIST has done well to showcase their talents, skills, and interests within their debut clearly defining both their sound and inspiration. It should go without question that the band will attract a multitude of listeners due to their unapologetic demeanor, intensity, and headbanging nature “Radical Denunciations” serves as proof of those virtues.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Radical Denunciations
2. Zero Prospect
3. Armed Against
4. All Is Gone
5. Deconstructive Disobedience
6. Domination
7. The Deluge
8. Confrontations
Kostas Tsimpoukas—Bass and Guitars
Humberto Lopez—Drums
David Fajardo—Guitars
Dany Jiménez—Vocals
Record Label: Sleazy Rider Records


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