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Green Claws - Hell Is For Hugo

Green Claws
Hell Is For Hugo
by Ricardo Casagrande at 26 January 2022, 10:39 AM

Twenty-three chapters of a rock/metal opera are the workings of British musician George Purves. Hell Is For Hugo is a halloween themed double cd that can be played and enjoyed all year round. It is categorized with the musical stylings of THE WHO, GHOST, MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE and has a story telling feeling that would make Alice Cooper or Russel Brand proud. After releasing a four-track EP in 2020, this is the continuation of the halloween saga presented in it’s full form.

We start the first cd off with the song “The Brick”, which is heavy on the sync with a metal gallop. With the lyrics arching towards being left behind in the fray of halloween antics and vandalism. Moving into the second song “Calling All Demons”, has me feeling like some older kids just came and stole all my candy. The song has a bit of an old school British Punk feel to it, which can be picked up throughout both of the albums. “Lucifer Hotel” gives an upbeat rhythm to wondering where you are and getting a sense of your surroundings as you come to, in hell. Before the dread of eternal damnation sets in of course. The song “The Scavengers” is a cross between GHOST and THE CARS, with a pop-fuelled chorus and some timely palm mutes. Some low level soul stealing demons on their quest for lost souls to feast upon, and offers some nice recommendations on how to prepare them.

“This Elevator” brings me back to some early BLINK-182 times and introduces you to Theodore. The demon hero that you need to put your trust in to make your way out of hell if you want to survive. The song “Stuck in Luxury” gives you the perspective of the demons in hell and their thought that maybe things would be better off on the other side. Even demons can’t help but think they could be happier elsewhere, even when they have all they could ever need. The first CD comes to an end with “The Saints” and has great punkish guitars and some nice rhythmic drumming. Gives a nice twist to the term “when the saints come marching in”, from a demon's point of view of course.

The second CD starts off with "Pay the Ferryman" as he takes you through the gates of Hades, as long as you can pay of course. With some echoing guitar, and some hard rock riffs, it works itself out of the pop category. A lost in nature at night feeling starts off “Screaming of the Trees" and picks up with an aggressive riff towards the end that puts a finishing stamp on this eerie and haunting tale of a planned suicide after the loss of a daughter. The song is put together well, and has the most heavy feel to it musically on both of the cd’s. The demonic start to “Evil and Chill” brings this song to life with an old English punk “I don’t really care” vibe, and tells of a demon, who is pleased to watch earth, and the evil men do. Which in turn, is more enjoyable than the boring old underworld.

“Hell is for Hugo” starts out with an almost protest-like chant and is fuelled with that energy throughout its entirety. It ties together some storyline here with the thrown brick, accidental slip causing, suicide, taken daughter. Hugo seems to be feeling guilty. The song “The Door-Hellion Rebellion” starts off with 70’s style synths and proceeds to build into a mid-tempo punk rock song that contributes to the tales, then transforms into a blues riff as “The Final Circle” comes to life. For just under ten minutes, George uses a variety of riffs and tempo’s to bring his tale to a dramatic end, and is a rollercoaster of a song that comes back to the blues for the ending.

Although adding metal to the rock/metal opera may be a bit exaggerated, the story at times adds a heaviness to it in it’s own right. George has put in some time on this project and it shows. The music sounds good, is straight to the point of accompanying the lyrics, and the production is there. The imagination is there in the story, and I would recommend music fans to give it a try with an open mind.


3 Star Rating

Side 1
1. The Brick
2. Calling All Demons
3. Lucifer Hotel
4. Stolen By A Demon
5. The Scavengers
6. This Elevator
7. Hail Minos!
8. Stuck In Luxury
9. Time’s Winged Chariot
10. Sludge
11. Brand Nation
12. The Saints

Side 2
1. Pay The Ferryman
2. Screaming Of The Trees
3. The Brick (Part 2)
4. Evil And Chill
5. Hell Is For Hugo
6. Loser Lucifer
7. Scaredy-Cat
8. Part Of Me
9. The Door-Hellion Rebellion
10. The Final Circle
11. Evil Is A Human Trait
George Purves - Vocals, all instruments
Alan Douches - Mastering
Record Label: Petrichor


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