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Greenleaf - Nest Of Vipers

Nest Of Vipers
by Rebecca Miller at 30 April 2012, 9:04 PM

GREENLEAF are a Swedish ‘supergroup’ who are very well known in the Stoner Rock world. They formed in late 1999, and “Nest Of Vipers” is their fourth studio release. They’ve been through quite a few lineup changes since their formation, but they sound as good as ever.

This band is all about the riffs. They combine this with the heavy fuzz that they’re known for, and it’s a pretty sweet result. But thankfully, it’s not too reliant on the thicker fuzzy stuff, and GREENLEAF make it clear that they’re here to rock our socks off. Their Stoner Rock label is very apparent here, but there are quite a few songs with a faster tempo, changing things up a bit. The first three – “Jack Staff”, “Case Of Fidelity” and “Lilith” – are a great example of this, and hooked me into the album. Then “Tree Of Life” comes around, and things get a bit more psychedelic, but it’s still an excellent track, allowing the band to show off their skills in balancing the loudness and softness of the music. “Dreamcatcher” definitely show off their influences, I could hear DEEP PURPLE and BLACK SABBATH vibes while listening to the song. The longest and last song on the album is also the title track – “Nest Of Vipers (A Multitude Of Sins)”, and it features DOZER vocalist Fredrik Nordin, and OPETH keyboardist Per Wiberg. It’s an awesome track, a bit more Prog influenced (with the keyboards having a pretty prominent role), but with the Stoner elements ever present.

There’s no doubt that there is a lot of talent present on this album – GREENLEAF aren’t called a supergroup for nothing y’know. And although sometimes bands that are seen as ‘side projects’ often don’t live up to the hype, or get forgotten about, GREENLEAF are a fully established band, and they always leave the listener wanting more, especially with that final track. They manage to keep to their Stoner Rock beginnings, they manage to avoid getting boring by just having the sludgy fuzzy stuff all the way through (something I’ve encountered a lot in the past). They’re all about the good song writing, with both the instruments and the lyrics – sometimes Stoner Rock bands can take the ‘stoner’ part a bit too seriously, and just throw the songs together haphazardly. Saying all that though, on the whole, this album is still pretty laid back, but still rocking.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started listening to this, especially considering all the personnel changes they’ve had over the years, but I had nothing to worry about. “Nest Of Vipers” is an album that I would most definitely recommend, especially if you like your 70s Rock.    

4 Star Rating

1. Jack Staff
2. Case Of Fidelity
3. Lilith
4. Tree Of Life
5. Dreamcatcher
6. At The Helm
7. Sunken Ships
8. The Timeline’s History
9. Nest Of Vipers (A Multitude Of Sins)
Tommi Holappa– Guitar
Bengt Bӓcke– Bass
Oskar Cedermalm – Vocals
Johan Rockner – Guitar
Olle Mårthans– Drums
Record Label: Small Stone Records


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