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Grendel’s Sÿster – Myrtle Wreath Award winner

Grendel’s Sÿster
Myrtle Wreath
by Caio Botrel at 20 November 2019, 12:11 AM

GRENDEL'S SYSTER is a band from Germany that has some kind of unique and different kind of sound. They have recently released an album titled "Myrtle Wreath" that has eight songs, but the cool fact is that they released it both in English and German, so you can choose which one do you want to listen to and which language fits better. Since I'm not a German speaker, I'm going to talk about the English version one.

The opening song from the album is "Agnicayana (Intro English)" which has a woman speech on it. "Vishnu's Third Strike" starts with a cool guitar melody and the guitar riffs from the stanzas are kind traditional on Folk Metal but it sounds cool. I liked how the vocals fits the song and it has a very catchy melody. It was a good song to the start the album.

"Little Wildling Bird" follows the same kind of line from the previous song, which seems to be like a continuation. The female vocals really sound good and they have this particular and kind of unique Folk Metal sound. Sometimes it reminded me of BLACKMORE'S NIGHT and that's great, I loved it.

"Entoptic Petroglyphs" has a heavier Metal kind of guitar riffs that are completed by the forest kind of sound. The melodies from the chorus are catchy and there's a cool guitar sound on this one. "Winnowing The Chaff" starts with a cool guitar riff supported by bass n' drums. Sometimes it reminded me of a horse riding and that's just so cool, because it gave the song a good ambiance. The chorus has cool melodies and the vocals are catchy.

"Count And Nun" starts out with a cool guitar solo that will transport you to a castle in the middle age. This song has this IRON MAIDEN kind of guitar sound and its really cool. It's faster from the previous songs and this song has a cool vocal duet with the guitars. "Indra's Jewelled Net" starts with a cool guitar solo followed by the "horse riding" kind of drumming and guitar riffs.  It's a cool song.

The song that closes the album is "Cairns" and that's the most different song on the whole album, since it's a "à capella" song. I really liked how they put all the vocals together here, I think that this would be a good song to play live in a calmer part. It tells a good story and you will definitely be transported to somewhere in the old European forests where many heroes, kings and queens have once ruled the land.

The band has written and released a good album. The songs sound a little bit similar, but it doesn't make the album bad. I like how they play Folk Metal with different kinds of influences and they kind of made their own unique sound. The band has a lot of potential and will only improve their music and find their own identity. The production was tight and the execution of each instrument was really cool. I liked it.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Agnicayana (Intro English)
2. Vishnu’s Third Strike
3. Little Wildling Bird
4. Entoptic Petroglyphs
5. Winnowing The Chaff
6. Count And Nun
7. Indra’s Jewelled Net
8. Cairns
9. Agnicayana (Intro Deutsch)
10. Vishnus dritter Schritt
11. Wildvögelein
12. Entopische Petroglyphen
13. Worfelschwung
14. Graf um Nonne
15. Indras Juwelennetz
16. Steinmännlein
Caro – Vocals
Tobi – Guitars
Till - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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