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Grey Skies Fallen - The Many Sides Of Truth

Grey Skies Fallen
The Many Sides Of Truth
by Katarzyna Zakolska at 25 February 2014, 11:27 PM

GREY SKIES FALLEN is Metal band from New York, USA, formed in 1997. Their debut album "The Fate of Angels" was released in 1999, in 2002 second album "Tomorrow's in Doubt", third CD “Two Way Mirror" in 2006, EP "Along Came Life" was released in 2010 and EP "Introspective" in 2012. New 4th album will be released in April 2014 called “The Many Sides Of Truth”.

The opening track “Ritual of the Exiter” is over a 9 minute presentation of Doom Metal, apprehending delicate sounds, gentle keyboards flux and PINK FLOYD driven echoes in the singing. On the second half of the song, the band sweeps their direction of music towards a screeching Melodic Death atmosphere, semi brutal flings with keyboards on the horizon. There is a nice mix of gentle piano with doomy guitars on “Of the Ancients”. Rick Habeeb shows his strong vocal potential which reminded me of KATATONIA. The growls and low end guitars actually provided a measure of charm to this song. “End of My Rope” and “The Flame” issues the Death and Black Metal influences conspiring together with a mix of symphonic directive inflamed by Doom climate. Unlike numerous of instrumental tracks that I listened to in the past, the ones on this album actually mattered quite a bit: “Winter Hand” tempted with its calmness and fluency, the soothing acoustic “Isolation Point” and the symphonic “Unroot Transparent Being”, aided this release’s rate.

Though being quite decent, GREY SKIES FALLEN should be working more over their style, make it solid, and improve their general sound and vocals. Furthermore, even with their shortcomings, I noticed how passionate these guys are in their music, thus feeling the need to be positive about them. 

3 Star Rating

1. Ritual of the Exiter
2. Unroot Transparent Being
3. The Flame
4. Of the Ancients
5. Isolation Point
6. End of My Rope
7. Winter Hand
Rick Habeeb - Guitar, Vocals
Joe Sanci - Guitar
Craig Rossi - Keys
Tom Anderer - Bass
Sal Gregory - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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