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Grey Skies Fallen - Introspective/Along Came Life

Grey Skies Fallen
Introspective/Along Came Life
by Marcos “Big Daddy” Garcia at 20 May 2015, 9:23 AM

Well, since the beginning of the 90s, when NOCTURNUS and PESTILENCE gave birth to a more melodic and technically refined way into Death Metal, many bands followed these trends, with some of them gathering many influences into the style. So the from Technical Death Metal, arose Melodic Death Metal with bands like IN FLAMES and DARK TRANQUILITY. But at a certain point on Death Metal’s history, someone fused both ways into only one. Of course some bands still do one style or another, but it’s not so uncommon to see bands that use the best of both worlds. And following some aspects created by SENTENCED, a more introspective insight can be seen sometimes. Well, in the case of veteran North American quintet GREY SKIES FALLEN on their new release, a compilation gathering together their EPs  “Introspective” and “Along Came Life”, called “Introspective/Along Came Life” (ok, sorry for repeat these names), for sure you’ll know the many sides of these subgenres I told above can give.

Well, musically, they follow a way that mixes melodic elements from Progressive Metal with some touches of Technical Death Metal (especially in some parts with harsh vocals), putting some introspective inserts here and there, creating a music that really seems to be different from the greater part of those bands that follow the same style. But their music is not focused on technique (besides it really is present here), but on a more atmospheric and sometimes depressive sense. But it’s elegant and musically rich. The vocals, as said above, sometimes are harsh and aggressive, and in other moments (the greater part, let’s say it this way) is clean; very good riffs on guitars (both on aggressive as in calm and tender moments), good keyboards intervention and a very heavy rhythmic basis. The music that comes from this fusion is very good, and unique. On both EPs, we can feel a very good sound quality, sometimes harsher, but always clean and heavy in both ways. So you all will get the best side of their music in every moment.

The first three songs come from “Introspective”, their 2012 EP. Of course you have a more abrasive song on “Everything and Nothing at All”, showing their aggressive side with some elements of melodic insight. But on “When Promise Lies” starts, you can feel a depressive and more introspective atmosphere, even when harsh vocals are used on this tender song. And on “Introspective”, a 21 minutes song, you have a more technical insight, even when moments are aggressive or tender, even a musical influence clearly coming from IRON MAIDEN is heard on guitars.

On the part of “Along Came Life”, if wasn’t for “Forever and a Day” with a more aggressive side (on vocals) and some more energetic riffs, the introspection would be the greater musical contribution, focusing on their more melodic and Progressive Metal side.

But a band on this style is good to see and hear so hope to hear more of them soon.

4 Star Rating

1. Everything and Nothing at All
2. When Promise Lies
3. Introspective
4. The Grand Scheme of Things
5. By the Wayside
6. Forever and a Day
7. Along Came Life
Rick Habeeb - Guitars, Vocals
Joe Sanci - Guitars
Craig Rossi - Keyboards
Tom Anderer - Bass
Sal Gregory - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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