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Greybeards - For The Wilder Minds

For The Wilder Minds
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 01 June 2018, 6:23 AM

When dealing with bands with a focus on old Metal or Rock genres, you must be aware of one thing: no one needs to make innovations in music, but everyone who dares to have a band, record an album and want to have a musical career must have a musical identity. This is what makes your music sounds particular, even not being something new. And let me tell you: the bearded bears of Swedish band GREYBEARDS have a lot of personality, as “For the Wilder Minds” shows. This album shows a nasty and incredible energy, but using a personal insight on Hard Rock. It sounds heavy and nasty, but with very good and accessible melodies, fine choruses, and an easy-to-understand insight that guides the band. And let me tell you: besides we could have that feeling of “I heard it somewhere before”, it is really very good. Yes, truly good and charming!

“For The Wilder Minds” was produced by Chips Kiesby (who previously worked with THE HELLACOPTERS, CRUCIFIED BARBARA and others), and was recorded at Studio Sound Society and Sound Control Swede, in Gaevle, Sweden. All to make it sounds nasty, organic and accessible, but with that aggressiveness needed for a Rock ‘n’ Roll band, along with a very good level of clarity that allows us all to understand what is being played in each song. And by the way: the strings on “Peace of Mind” was recorded at and produced by Maria Grönlund at Studio Strings.

The bastards and wild bears really made a very good album on “For Wilders Minds”, and I truly recommend you all to let yourselves be hooked by “Fast Asleep” (a very good song, with charming melodies and good chorus), the savage and accessible energy of “One in a Billion”, the dirty Pop song “Come Undone”, the youngsters melodies and hooking chorus of “Beautiful Things” (that can remind you all of something from MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE in some points), the raw catching musical insight used on “Free”, and the radio orientated ballad “Peace of Mind”, all of them are their finest moments.

It’s a very good album, so hear it and let yourself be seduced.

Originality: 7
Songwriting: 9
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Fast Asleep
2. One in a Billion
3. Come Undone
4. Insane
5. Beautiful Things
6. Free
7. You Struck Me
8. Cold December
9. Peace of Mind
10. The Nerve
Olle Westlund - Vocals, Guitars
Ingemar Mårtensson - Guitars
Simon Mojtahedi - Bass
Niklas Nironen - Drums
Record Label: Attitude Recordings


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