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Greyfell - Horsepower

by Dana Koch at 14 March 2018, 10:25 PM

“Horsepower” is the sophomore album release via Argonauta Records for heavy psychedelic doom masters GREYFELL. The band from Rouen, France is back, and this time they’ve added a keyboardist to the fold. The sound of this band is really unique bringing a modern, polished sound with retro style and harsh vocals.

“The People’s Temple” starts off with an astral, cosmic sound which is then swallowed in a very retro, sludgy psychedelic drone rock. The track gets doomier as it progresses, with a heavier bass sound coupled with growly vocals before melding into a screeching, fuzzy outro. “Horses” delivers another sludgy number accompanied by atmospheric organ, heavy distortion, swampy bass, and processed indiscernible vocals.

A clean bass line leads off “No Love.” The song has a thick, heavy sound with mind bending Eastern scales thrown into the riffing adding to the vintage sound of the music. This track is the perfect union of modern rock and retro style giving a taste of the best of both. There is an interesting point in the middle where the bass pulsates rhythmically, and the keyboards follow whispered vocals against violent shouts in the background. This part of the song caught my attention for sure with it’s raw, aggressive approach. I was not familiar with this band prior to sampling this album, but this track has inspired in me a thirst for greater knowledge of GREYFELL.

“Spirit of the Bear” brings a heavy groove bass line against atmospheric keyboards. The vocals wail in. The keyboards lilting under the doomy bass give this song a very morose tone. The vocals are heavily processed and pretty well unintelligible. The track slows to a disdainful, lumbering requiem accompanied by woeful, distorted vocalizations.

The closing track, “King of Xenophobia” lurches gloomily for about the first four and half minutes before slowing down some and becoming more atmospheric. There is animal like growls going on in the background, almost as though you are taking a journey through some sort of macabre world of the dead.

I would encourage fans of psychedelic stoner rock as well as fans of heavier music to check out this album. The thick, sludgy, bass coupled with the creepy vintage organ sound really is an interesting combination. GREYFELL pulls these elements together alongside heavily processed vocals, growls, and shouts to create a raw, forceful sound that will leave an impression.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. People’s Temple
2. Horses
3. No Love
4. Spirit of the Bear
5. King of Xenophobia
Boubaker - Bass
Theirry - Drums
Clement- Guitar
Hugo - Vocals
Record Label: Argonauta Records


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