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Grief Of War - Worship (CD)

Grief Of War
by Grigoris Chronis at 06 July 2009, 11:58 AM

Thrash Metal made in Japan: GRIEF OF WAR is a quartet offering their sophomore release after 2005's A Mounting Crisis…As Their Fury Got Released (released worldwide by Prosthetic Records in 2008). These Tokyo dragons show some rather good elements but may lack the dynamics desired to step on the rotten corpses of every other band meaning Thrash Metal with guts.
The mode GRIEF OF WAR patronize in their songwriting can naturally connect to the basic any-era Bay Area principles. Meaning: there's lots of variety in the tempos and changes/fills within a song, but the desire to play 'evil' Thrash Metal does not seem to be the main aim. If you dig speed, GRIEF OF WAR does include such vibes in their songs (e.g. Disorder or Revolt) the same time that the American 'trademark' dual themes do fit really well. The guitar work, on second thought, is rather remarkable and - in spite of the mysterious singing of Manabu Hirose (he reminded me a lot of the singing style in bands like SLAYER or CORONER or DEATH ANGEL; uses some distortion filers, I think, here and there) and truth is the band also successfully adopts elements of today's Thrash/Death Metal scene so as to come up with a fresh result.
All these may seem to work for a bunch (or lots) of juvenile metalheads but more 'classic'-orientated thrashers shall probably have to listen to Worship prior to attempt buying it, since the music seems to be off-balance at times while few are the highlights you'll find yourself grabbed upon after listening to the CD for a couple of times. The production - I think - does not help in this direction, too, especially in the drums/bass section; rather dry the outcome is, I'm afraid, and the energy Thrash Metal music needs does not seem to be much of an 'ace' here. The guitars sound, again, is nearly perfect.
The duration of Worship is as desired for the likes of this genre; and, in addition, it shall be re-said that with songs like the title track, Disorder, Captured Soul Eternity, Midnight Sun (mid-tempo mania!) and Into The Void clearly show the musicianship and efficiency of the Japanese warriors; maybe it's just that I was not blown totally away with a single tune, not even in the fast parts; I, still, specifically dug the guitars shredding. Of course, fans of bands like DEATH ANGEL, MEGADETH, FORBIDDEN and also newest acts like e.g. HYADES should surely check a couple of songs in GRIEF OF WAR's MySpace page. But if you find Worship to sound kinda weak, don't say you have not be warned.

3 Star Rating

Crack Of Doom
Captured Soul Eternity
New Kind Of Wicked
Built My Brain
Into The Void
Midnight Sun
Manabu Hirose - Vocals, Bass
Ken Sato - Guitars
Hiroyuki Inoue - Guitars
Masatomo Otani - Drums
Record Label: Prosthetic Records


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