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Grift – Syner

by Craig Rider at 04 December 2015, 11:53 PM

Winter is coming… Here in the UK at least, with a sudden drop of almost freezing temperature here, it is now time to listen to some Black Metal to get me in the winter mood. And what better way to do that with: GRIFT. Black Metal continues to grow on me after every listen, it really is a wonderfully raw genre and I'm slowly starting to understand it, where I did not a year back. So once more; I listen to GRIFT who, singularly, make Black Metal, while live, they are a full-on Black Metal band. GRIFT are from the baring planes of Sweden. Erik Gardefors performs the entire set via studio, where Erik Gardefors performs vocals and assorted instruments Live; Daniel Abrahadabra performs guitar; Henrik Gustafsson on bass; Johan Hallbäck on drums.
Since 2011 (their birth date), GRIFT have released two previous albums entitled “Fyra Elegier” and “Grift & Saiva – Skarprättaren/Sjiedvárre” I delve deep into the realms of their newest album “Syner” and to be honest, it is an atmospheric masterpiece. I always consider one-man projects to be very talented and mysterious… And GRIFT have shown that they are once more. “Syner” includes 6 fairly long, typical Black Metal songs; though they are very lengthy, you're still getting an albums worth of Black Metal goodness.
The album in question: “Syner” begins in a moody-esque “Silent Hill” mood; even instrumentally, but more Metallized, of course. “Aftenlandat” begins to shock me with those vocal cords once they kick in; agonizing vocals of steel. The instrumentation is particularly engaging. Such a calm yet Black Metal mood -  everything is done by Erik Gardefors. Throughout the album this mood is kept; hell, it's even on the cover of the album. “Svaltorna” has a very interestingly groovy beat at the ending which was definitely noteworthy. Where “Det Bortvanda Ansiktet” keeps the same vibe but more of an upbeat one. This is mostly recognized throughout the entire album. Where in the middle of the album with “Slutet Hav” begins a very slow - pianistic touch; which carries on throughout the song. Very atmospheric and moody. There really is nothing bad to say about this album if I'm honest. It's typical Black Metal at its finest. Atmospheric; engaging; groovy… “Eremiten Esaias” ends the album with this mood perfectly.
In the end, I respect Black Metal more than ever now I have opened my mind to it; especially to these one-man projects, I am but the judge though, this album will not be for everyone, I'm just your typical Metalhead who craves any kind of Metal. I'm not at all fussy, but this may well not be for you, I, however, very much and fairly enjoyed “Syner” though I most likely will not listen to it again for a long time, still worth checking out though.

4 Star Rating

1. Aftenlandat
2. Svaltorna
3. Det Bortvanda Ansiktet
4. Slutet Hav
5. Undergorare
6. Eremiten Esaias
Erik Gardefors – Everything
Erik Gardefors – Vocals &Instruments
Daniel Abrahadabra - Guitars 
Henrik Gustafsson - Bass
Johan Hallbäck - Drums
Record Label: Nordvis Produktion


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