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Grigorien - Magtens Evangelium

Magtens Evangelium
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 18 September 2022, 7:09 AM

From Bandcamp, “At long last, GRIGORIEN are set to release their full-length debut, “Magtens Evangelium.” GRIGORIEN hereby encompass past, present, and future with their vintage Black Metal ultraviolence. Translated into English as "The Gospel of Power," “Magtens Evangelium” is framed as an imagined theatrical play, in which nine choirs - humans, angels, and seraphs - quarrel over the order of the world and their place in it, each castigating the others and declaring themselves favored by their creator, until the profane priestess Veridian settles the dispute and proclaims a new world order.” The album contains eleven songs.

“De 9 Chor” is the first. A one-minute opener, it sets the mood as foul and filthy. “Skammens Æt” is the first proper track. Out of the gates, the production is horrible, and overly-trebly. The vocals are shrieks, and the music is chaotic. “Boedsgang og Blodig Hoste” begins with muted spoken words. The music suddenly takes a pandemonic turn, where it remains throughout. Make no mistake, this is FMOBM madness. “Østens Hviide Slange” is more of the same. The riffs are so chaotic, that the music barely even qualifies as such. It’s God-awful racket instead. “Tiggere i Gyldne Pialter” is another vile and filthy offering, that sounds exactly like the previous songs. As is often the case in the genre, the drummer is the real hero, though you can barely hear his strikes.

“Af Kviksølv og Galdes Chor” is another three-minute blast of nearly indiscernible sounds. This is a hot plate of garbage unfortunately. Besides the brief opening spoke words, that sound angry, the song “Syndens Slegtsbog” sounds exactly like the rest. It’s as if the band isn’t even trying to diversify their sound at all. “Den Kaossymmetriske Liturgie” closes the album. It isn’t worth much of a further comment. It's nearly impossible to follow the story when every song is just a chaotic heap, that all sounds the same. They might as well just titled one long song, instead of eleven different ones. If the band wants to hang around as part of the scene, they will need to challenge themselves to do much better in the future. As it stands, it is utterly forgettable.

Songwriting: 2
Musicianship: 2
Memorability: 1
Production: 3

1 Star Rating

1. De 9 Chor
2. Skammens Æt
3. Boedsgang og Blodig Hoste
4. Østens Hviide Slange
5. Et Taarn til de Høyeste Himle
6. Tiggere i Gyldne Pialter
7. Strafferens Psalmer
8. Af Kviksølv og Galdes Chor
9. De Blindes Hyrde
10. Syndens Slegtsbog
11. Den Kaossymmetriske Liturgie
Spedalsk – Vocals
Benedictus – Guitars, Bass
Geistaz – Drums
Record Label: Signal Rex


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