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Grim Comet - God Is Dead, Let's Eat Him

Grim Comet
God Is Dead, Let's Eat Him
by Myhr at 21 December 2016, 10:53 AM

GRIM COMET is a three piece Spanish Hard Rock band from Madrid, releasing their debut full length album “God Is Dead, Let's Eat Him” under Art Gates Records. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this album so going into it quite ‘blind’ would have made for an interesting listening experience… If the album actually had anything interesting on it aside from the pretty funny title.

The songs on the album have a vintage feel to it in both the production and songwriting, which fits the idea they’re going for I think, but still fails to garner much of my interest due to the lack of much else. There are some alright riffs, they’re not the most memorable or interesting but they fit the songs well enough. The vocals are more interesting, sounding quite reminiscent of Dave Mustaine’s drawling tones and edging into slightly harsher vocals at a few points which is nice, and they actually fit quite well in the most part, though gets rather grating at points where there’s repeated phrases over again like the end of the song "Overdriven Reality” and “The Path We Ride.” For the most part the songs are much the same, without enough stand out about many to talk about specifically. Composed of simple heavy riffs that leave quite a bit to be desired in terms of content but I guess work in this style as the bulk of the song. There’s a few guitar leads scattered here and there that aren’t bad but also not particularly inventive or different either, the best probably being the slightly eastern feel of the solo in the first track “Inner Halls.’

Now what takes you by surprise is the track “Ball'n'Chain,” which is an industrial track complete with synth drums and filter sweeps, for some reason crowbarred into the middle of the album. Now I’m definitely not opposed to industrial or dance music being mixed with metal, it has certainly been done magnificently before by bands such as “Progenie Terrestre Pura” and “Turmion Kätilöt,” and indeed some Industrial and Dark synth bands completely outside of metal as well. But, however, I think this is just much too random of a song in such an unrelated context, it feels like an afterthought hastily crammed in wherever it will or won’t fit. Unfortunately, the song itself also lack a lot, the begging is just strange and sounds far too much like a terrible guitar tone leaving you wondering what happened to the guitars before you realize that this song is in a completely different style. The filter sweeps are clumsy cliché, getting to the point of being hard to listen to and the whole song just seems to stop and very clumsily fade out just as you’re getting into it. A good idea, but executed badly. It’s a shame because it could have made the album a whole lot better.

By far the best song is the last track “Sleep.’ The atmospheric clean guitars and drums just sound better than the boring riffs and repetitive beats on the rest of the album and leave space for the song to flow and rise and fall and expand. The vocals here work quite well also, and the turn to harsher vocals with the distorted guitars just works well. This song is definitely the highlight of album and only real interesting point on it.

Songwriting:  4
Originality:  4
Memorability:  4
Production:  3


2 Star Rating

1. Inner Halls
2. Echoes
3. Overdriven Reality
4. The Path We Ride
5. This Mourning
6. Ball'n'Chain
7. Ghost
8. Sleep
Willy de Moya – Guitars, Vocals
Alvarito Arias – Bass
Jorge Mánver - Drums
Record Label: Art Gates Records


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