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Grim Comet - Pray for the Victims

Grim Comet
Pray for the Victims
by Eli Hohozia at 29 December 2014, 6:33 PM

GRIM COMET is a Stoner Rock trio from Madrid, Spain. They've been active for a little less than year before releasing "Pray for the Victims", their debut album. They state their influences come from Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd while also incorporating elements from the Big 4 North American Thrash Metal bands, and some NWOBHM.

The album starts with an intro "Introduction to Chaos", personally it was really off-putting. A boring monologue and some static noise. The second and third time I listened to the album I just skipped it. The album would have a better starting point if it had opened with the second track "Perpetual Apathy".  Here it starts to grow on you. Great guitar work. This track flows well, makes you headbang from side to side. The solo feels completely in place, rhythmically and tonally. The next track on the other hand, "Show Me How to Kill", is less exciting. I thought we're here for some stoner-rock, not 80's glam. Another point that will rise with every track here, is the vocals. And I'm not even talking about the accent, that'd be unfair. The vocals feel completely off. While the musicianship on all the other instruments is nice, this one doesn't feel right at all. Lyrically, this song just blows.

"Light and Shade" is an instrument track, it plays nice and mellow. Nice harmonies and delay. The fact that there are no vocals is a relief here. But the track can feel a little out of place with all the other heavy knocking tracks around it.

"Virgin of Madness" is where we see the group push itself a little further, a much a heavier track. Great rhythmical work here, and some Slayer-esque sequences that I liked. The interludes flow well and this track really combines mellowness and heaviness well.

The next track, "Warming the Sun", is a completely mellow track, the guitar softly flows along it, followed by a careful drum beat. But this is no stoner/doom track.

Honestly, I could go on and on and review it track by track, but while I think there's a lot of potential for this group, the bottom line is that it doesn't deliver what it promises. It doesn't feel like a Stoner-Rock/Doom Metal album. It doesn't feel like they figured out what they wanted to do and just did all sorts of things that don't always blend well.  I think they should've spent some more time in the studio and put more thought into it. There's nothing distinguishable in this album except the complete disarray, that goes as well about the production itself.

2 Star Rating

1. Introduction to Chaos
2. Perpetual Apathy
3. Show Me How To Die
4. Light and Shade
5. Virgins of Madness
6. Warming the Sun
7. Warhead
8. Worn Out
9. Hollow Place
Willy Black - Guitar, Vocals
Alvarito Arias - Bass
Carlos Valverde - Vocals, Bass
Record Label: Art Gate Records


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