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Grim Fate - Emerging From The Crypt Award winner

Grim Fate
Emerging From The Crypt
by Justin "Witty City" Wittenmeier at 12 March 2018, 8:09 AM

The cleverly titled “Emerging From The Crypt” is the debut EP of the Death Metal band GRIM FATE, who are from The Netherlands.  The short album has just four tracks but it’s a great ride through Doom, Death, and darkness.  I’m a sucker for great Doom and Death Metal and this band/album combines the two genres effortlessly into one brutal package. The Doom Metal part of the band is very well done; Wim’s slow, heavy riffs create an atmosphere that is brooding yet it feels like there is a beast within that is really to burst free with unbridled energy.  Pier’s vocals are very deep, his growl a rumble akin to an earthquake breaking apart everything in its wake.  Producer Phillippus, who also played drums, seems to be a master at both things.  The production is gritty and dirty and presents a sonic density that appropriately lets the double bass rip my ears to shreds and the cymbals batter my brain.

The first track, “Decomposition,” is about as slow as a rotting corpse that was left in a frozen waste land.  The guitar riffs mark an impending doom that foretells the brutality at the 4: 33 mark.  The wonderful doom is replaced with the blistering hammer attack of Phillippus’ drums.  The track ends with some old school style rifting. A great opening track. The next track “Dying World,” begins with a distorted doom riffs and growls that sound like they are coming up from hell to grab you.  The track has some nice tempo changes around the two minute mark; GRIM FATE’s ability to keep everything super heavy even during temp changes is impressive…the intensity never lets up.  I really enjoy how the track ends, clean guitar creeping up behind the wall of doom, ending the song no less intense as the beginning. “Embrace Your Death,”  has riffs that make me think I’m trapped in the Florida scene in the 80’s but the speed they bump up to just a minute later wipes that smile off my face, as does preternatural screams and slow doom presented in the rest of the song.

The last track, “Emerging From The Crypt,” would probably be the soundtrack of your death if zombies started bursting forth from the ground. It also has probably the best riffs on the album. This probably would had worked for an intro as well but it’s also the perfect way to end the short little journey that is this EP.  Other than obviously wishing it had more tracks, there is nothing here to complain about if you like Doom/Death Metal.  And of course, you do. I’m super interested in what this band does next.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Decomposition
2. Dying World
3. Embracing Your Death
4. Emerging From The Crypt
Pier Dijkstra – Bass, Vocals
Wim de Wries – Guitars
Philippus Yntema – Drums
Record Label: Chaos Records


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