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Grim Justice - Justice in The Night Award winner

Grim Justice
Justice in The Night
by Brynn Kali Stardew at 07 February 2023, 10:07 AM

Austrian Independent band GRIM JUSTICE is pretty cool actually with Metallica “And Justice For All”  -esque album art, which I secretly really enjoy . I like their aesthetic overall and the overall music quality is there. I watched the video for Blood-Moon great name btw, they just need to get some better angels on her  in my opinion. It was fun but I just don’t see it reaching audiences like it may have in the early 1980’s. I really liked track three though also known as  Dark Soul. Something about the ambient guitar melody in the beginning was truly soothing to me as I sat writing longing for more to enter my ear canals. It came back around 3:00 and I was just like “woah nelly” there is one of the most beautiful guitar riffs I have ever heard. I’m not quite sure their videos do them “Justice”  as musicians!

Moving on to track number four House in the Shadows it was pretty tight, this is a good topic for heavy metal, props to the song-writer. Timeless. The growl at 1:25 really fits well too! Track Five Terminus II Had a nice melodic metal riff intro like dark soul which I loved too! They are slowly becoming one of my favorite bands here jeez! I like that you can hear her amazing voice throughout this album too, it is very beautiful and makes me feel very peaceful! I like how you can really feel the back and forth energy of them at five minutes into the song. It feels really good and natural. Keep it up! This was a real jam!

The next song on the album Hey Angel was a truly beautiful and amazing track. I really wonder who this angel character she is talking about is an interesting alternative album art maybe?! There is definitely potential here for something I feel. Nonetheless a really beautiful song! When Night Falls I honestly really love this symphonic intro here, spot on! Interesting lyrics and wonderful musicianship. Argus sounded really good too, I would really like to see stuff like this in more than just montage videos. This should be being used for video games more often in my opinion. I grew up playing arcade games like Metal Slug which had lots of guitar riffs like this and I just think kids today are missing out on it all!

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 10
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Justice in the Night
2. Curse of the Moon
3. (This) Dark Soul of Mine
4. (The) House (That Lies) in The Shadows
5. Terminus the III
6. Hey Angel
7. When Night Falls
8. Argus (2022 edit)
Michela Vignoli - Vocals, Guitars
Thomas Strohmayer - Guitars
Gernot Schwarz - Bass
Ernst Gumprecht - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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