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Grime - Deteriorate

by Keith Joshua Ham at 20 May 2013, 2:57 PM

GRIME and I share a precarious relationship. Whereas the band has begun to thrive and get some, admittedly well deserved, attention – I feel that perhaps they need to step it up a little. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for DIY; I’m all for GRIME. These guys are killer and I’ve stated it several times before but I do still feel they have some glaring issues. However, as this is a change for me to give the album “Deteriorate” a second look, I’ll try to explain my views, and newfound views, in more detail. This will be, hopefully, my last ode to GRIME and their second release “Deteriorate”.

Just so everyone knows, GRIME is another band from Italy - apparently where Metal thrives so well that it’s beginning to reach international acclaim.  They had a previous release, which I’ve never heard, but apparently was well received. What can you expect from the band itself? Pure, unadulterated madness. When GRIME claims that they are bringing destruction to a town near you, they really are. It’s hard not to imagine this group bringing down the walls around themselves and playing on as they meet their doom beneath several floors of wood, drywall, Metal and plastic. I’m sure even then their sound would find a way to eternally haunt that spot – cursing all with infernal feedback for ages.

And, honestly, that was only ever my problem with GRIME – immense amounts of feedback highly reminiscent of CELTIC FROST’s “Monotheist”. That’d be a good thing, I loved “Monotheist”, but the feedback is so entirely overused on this album that I have to pull my headphones away when it clumsily reaches ear-bleeding pitches.  No, it really doesn’t affect the songs as it is used as an intro/outro for most of the tracks – they lie somewhere between the shrewd pitches. It is a shame really because it hurts a rather impressive album.

“Deteriorate” sound itself is all about destruction, it is about bringing down the walls and vocals so harsh and tiring that the vocalist overexerts themselves. Don’t worry, I mean that in a good way. GRIME is, as I said, killer. They have such fierce devotion that they’d sacrifice themselves to give you something they thought would blow your head off. “Deteriorate” does it too, it tears you apart, fills you with the sense that GRIME is not giving up – GRIME is never going away.

4 Star Rating

1. Burning Down The Cross
2. Pouring Out The Hatred
3. Down By The River Of Dreg
4. Giving Up
5. Deep Cut
6. Restless Man
7. Pills
8. Idiot God
Chris - Drums
Lorenzo (Tubo) - Guitar
Marco – Vocals / Gutiar
Paulo (Cougar) - bass
Record Label: Forcefield Records


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