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Grimgotts - Tales, Sagas, & Legends

Tales, Sagas, & Legends
by Kevin Lewis at 20 June 2021, 3:03 PM

GRIMGOTTS is a UK based Symphonic/Folk Metal band formed in 2015. Originally a Harry Potter parody band, they have since shifted into writing original music with fantasy themes. "Tales, Sagas & Legends" is the third record set in the mythical land of Andria. "Tales, Sagas & Legends" is a compilation of three previously released Eps, plus three additional songs, as a single unit. GRIMGOTTS self-released this epic tale on May 7, 2021.

Part I of this epic album is Tales and is comprised of the first four songs. “Fight Till The End” is a catchy tune with a cool synth line that sets the tone for the song. The riff is good and the rhythm is anthemic. “For The Power” is GRIMGOTTS Power Metal. The tempo and rhythm are killer. The feel of the music is of beginning a journey.

The next two tracks, “The Dawnbringer” and “Reign Of Might” continue the adventure. With a cappella vocals, blast beats and screaming guitar riffs, these songs give a different feel to the path. No epic journey is on a flat, straight path. These are the first twists and turns. Jaunty keyboards and soaring vocal elements give this the classic epic metal texture that really drives the tale forward.

Part II is the next four songs under the heading of Sagas. Starting with “Northern Passage,” the tempo is fast and frenetic. This song rips from start to finish and borders on Speed Metal. “Rise Again” slows down and hangs in the melodic realm. Still fast, but not speed of light, this song has a nice pace and great hooks. “Plunder, Loot And Chatney” has some Viking/Pirate metal themes to it and reminds of a great drinking song. “Sagas” feels big, epic and powerful. The guitars rip and the rhythm races. The keyboards add depth. It is a big song that flat out rocks.

Legends is Part III and covers songs 9-12. Beginning with an accordion synth, “The Boys Of Boone” could be an Irish drinking song. It is fun and energetic, as a night of drinking should be! “Land Of Tomorrow” is again epic in nature. The flow of this record is good. The alternating songs provide a winding path of revelation.

The Edge Of The World” is another more melodic sounding song with a subdued tempo and a slower pace that hints at impending doom. Is there an epic tale without the threat of doom? Of course not. “The Kinsman” wraps up this section of the record and speaks of the Goblin King threatening the land of Andria. The use of spoken word in this song helps to augment the storytelling feel of the record. This is a song fans will love live. It is full of energy, time signature changes and includes a lively jig at one point.

The last three songs, “Fight Against The World,” “Grimgotts Calling,” and “The Lost Chapters” finalize the tale and provide the closure the record needs. “The Lost Chapters” has the triumphant tones, epic feeling and spoken word that tells of victory. This whole record feels like a soundtrack and score to a movie wrapped in one.

GRIMGOTTS use of layered and backing vocals throughout gives the songs a bigger feel. The keyboards and orchestration make the album sound as if there are 20 people in the band, not just five. The production and engineering on this record are very well done. The record flows and feels coherent, complete. That is not an easy task with mixing four different releases into one major piece of work. This is a well-done record.

Songwriting:  9
Musicianship:  8
Memorability:  8
Production:  8

4 Star Rating

1. Fight ‘Till the End
2. For the Power
3. The Dawnbringer
4. Reign of Might
5. Northern Passage
6. Rise Again
7. Plunder, Loot & Chantey
8. Sagas
9. The Boys of Boone
10. Land of Tomorrow
11. The Edge of The World (To What Lies Beyond)
12. Kinsman
13. Fight Against the World
14. Grimgotts Calling
15. Lost Chapters
Andy Barton – Vocals
Nelson Moreira – Bass
Mo Abdelgadir – Drums
David Hills – Guitar
Fabio Garau – Keyboards
Record Label: Independent


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