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Grimm - Heksenkringen (CD)

by Grigoris Chronis at 21 April 2007, 2:12 PM

Medieval gravures and paintings are a point of special interest for many Black Metal fans. Pagan ideals, mysticism, the occult of the dark ages…grimness and evoked doom. Holland's GRIMM - now on Displeased Records - and Heksenkringen seem ready to travel the listen back to this era(s) and, judging from the cover artwork, the journey will be grimm enough.
I first noticed pagan/folk Black metallers GRIMM due to their previous release, Dark Medieval Folklore (2006 - Goatowarex). 'Lost' in their countless lineup members' contributions to this act, I can recall the efficiency of GRIMM in providing Black Metal music rather differentiated from the usual likes (even the 'pagan' ones).
Heksenkringen (meaning witches' circles) - in musical terms - would attract even 'classic' Metal fans since the tempos are (in mane parts) normal enough while the guitar chords deal with 'retro' themes (in general) with lots of air for banging your head. Still, when it comes to vocals, with a variety spanning from choirs to classic Black Metal screaming, the purpose is set clearer. Sung in Dutch - so, who can draw any conclusions for the lyrics themes? - is not bad at all for Heksenkringen's tracklist. On the contrary, the mysticism and darkness seems more profound due to the lack of knowledge of the specific language. Still, check the 'bio' section in the band's official website and the story - written there - will be a good advisor.
Blastbeats are present, here and there, for those who expect so. The guitar leads are of high level, while it is also essential to refer to the suitable 'dusty' production of the rhythm guitars (and for the whole album, in general). Talkin' 'in general' again, the likes of bands like PRIMORDIAL (still, not that 'Death Metal') will come in mind after some auditions.
Erratic keyboard lines will add some horror (or atmosphere, you choose) to GRIMM's music; a kind of music by a band that exists for more than ten years but willing not to release albums such frequently. An this means - eventually - a good move since Heksenkringen will certainly be appealing to those entertaining themselves with pagan/folk/medieval Black (in general) Metal sounds.

3 Star Rating

Witte Ruiter
Verbranding Van Een Heks
Zwarte Magie
Als Wederganger Dwalend
Van Drakenbloed Fel
Tovervaas Der Kwijning
Opera Van De Nacht
Heer Antikrist - Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Heer Marchosias - Drums, Additional Vocals
Heer VolkhV - Guitars, Bass
Record Label: Displeased Records


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