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Grin In Fear – Legion

Grin In Fear
by Thomas Kumke at 05 September 2021, 4:00 PM

GRIN IN FEAR hailing from Sardinia, Italy were formed in 2018. They are a melodic Death Metal band with Thrash Metal influences and “Legion” is their debut full-length album. It was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Ferox Recs Studios. The album was released via German label Heathen Tribe which is specialized in Black and Death Metal. It has a length of 27 minutes.

Legion” is not the classical melodic Death Metal that I expected, it is faster, more aggressive with traditional Death Metal and a lot of Thrash Metal inspirations. After a two minutes intro including a spoken word passage in the band’s native language, it starts with the hammering opener “Legion”, a fast and aggressive song with powerful guitar riffs, crunching bass lines, bludgeoning drums, and growling vocals at the medium to higher end of the guttural range. As time goes by, some more melodic parts kick-in as well as some epic lead guitar sequences. The lead guitar solo is relatively short, but contributes very well to the song. “Put Your Mask On” continues with the assault, it is another fast track with a few mid-tempo changes. The sound has a lot of Thrash Metal vibes, especially during the mid-tempo sequences. The lead guitar solo is straightforward and aggressive, not as playful as you would expect from a melodeath track. “Put Your Mask On” was already released as single in 2019.

Be Your God” has more complex textures. It starts as a mid-tempo song at a head-banging tempo with catchy guitar riffing which is several times interrupted by highly paced parts including a few blast-beat sequences. The lead guitar sequences during the fast parts provide the melodic skeletal structure of the track. The classical lead guitar solo is absent here, but there is a longer lead guitar sequence towards the end of track. “A Secret Family” is perhaps the fastest song on “Legion”. The sound is dark and doomy and the lead guitars provide a bit of a melancholic atmosphere. The lead guitar solo is again a short one but fits perfectly into the overall mood of the track.

Brainwashed” is another song that has a lot of Thrash Metal vibes. It is a fast song with sharp and aggressive guitar riffing, hammering drums and the growling vocals of Sara Mei are very diverse and at her very best. The structure of the track is straightforward and direct with a couple of very dark mid-tempo breaks that include some ear-deafening screams of Sara Mei. “Brainwashed” is probably my favorite of the album. “Nocturnal Panic” is the final song of the album. It follows the pathways of the preceding songs in terms of speed and aggression. Notably is the contribution of guitarist Eros Melis supporting the vocals. The melodic components are very rare on this track, there is also no lead guitar solo. “Nocturnal Panic” was released as lyric video and the YouTube link is given below.

Legion” is a very good debut album of a promising band. It is a mix of melodic Death Metal and traditional Death Metal with a big portion of Thrash Metal components. GRIN IN FEAR have a very aggressive approach to melodic Death Metal and depending on the song, either the melodic component or the rawness and aggression dominates. With Sara Mei, GRIN IN FEAR have a vocalist who is more than capable to serve both directions. The symbiosis of melodic and traditional Death Metal makes the album very interesting to listen to and gives GRIN IN FEAR their own identity as a band. The production of the album could have been better, it all sounds a bit subdued. Fans of melodic and traditional Death Metal should give it a listen and many of them will be looking forward to see GRIN IN FEAR live somewhere on the road.

Songwriting:  9
Musicianship:  8
Memorability:  8
Production:  7

4 Star Rating

1. MC 5, 1 - 9
2. Legion
3. Put Your Mask On
4. Be Your God
5. A Secret Family
6. Brainwashed
7. Nocturnal Panic
Sara Mei – Vocals
Ambra Deagostini – Guitars
Eros Melis ­ Guitars, Vocals
Marco Scafidi – Drums
Maristella Spanu – Bass
Record Label: Heathen Tribes


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