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Grindpad – Violence

by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 31 March 2020, 11:31 PM

Grindpad means "gravel path" in Dutch. This is the band first Full-Length Album, having already released four EPs: Killing for a Living, Grave Matter, Poser Killer and Sharkbite! In 2008, 2009, 2013 and 2014 respectively.  The band draw their styles from a mix of Death and Thrash Metal, so let’s see what they have done.

My Name Is Violence” may less than 2 minutes long, but its not an instrumental intro, it is a thrash bite. It kicks in from the off, keeping the pace of EXODUS in full power. You can certainly hear the Thrash aspects here, old school Thrash. A solid even through short start.

Burn the Rapist” keeps the EXODUS theme, the pace is not as high as before, but the melody goes along nicely. The pace picks up and the melodies remain aggressive, we have heard it before but it is executed very well. The heavy hitting isn’t quiet up to top spot, but tis a good song, it is a very generic sound from an awesome period of Thrash Metal and these guys do it justice.

Toxic Terror” keeps the pace alive and has some of the best technical sides to the album so far. The vocals are aggressive once more, but smooth enough. The pace loses itself a bit when the vocals kick in. The melodies hit pace which is decent and fluid, my only issue is that is this could be on any TESTAMENT album, there isn’t enough to see what the band do to add originality, that said its still a great song.

The Knife Is Sharper than Ever” starts off with another EXODUS style melody, I know I sound like a broken record, but you know what I mean. The pace is set to a good, healthy level and the song will get the heads banging for sure. The melodies run smooth and the technical guitar play really helps to build the song up. The melodies are thrown into experimental stages with the guitars going into frantic foam, but the song is balanced so well, that control is done perfectly.

Justice Part 2: Punishment” is more DEATH ANGEL style, but here you can hear the band doing their own thing more, which is a great addition. The pace is not quiet set to max, but the melody is controlled and balanced so well that you don’t really care. The solos added are more their own style than borrowed from one of the icons named before.  The song sounds like something from Judge Dredd, and no I am not saying they have nicked anything from ANTHRAX. Good styles, more originality, so good things to add to the album.

Revuelta” takes us back with a frantic style start, good pace, heavy riffs, solid melody. The vocals seem more aggressive, which is a nice touch. The song adds a new style of guitar solos that seem to spark new life into the melodies, not allowing balance to dictate the song, old school Thrash trick that one. The sound is a mix of what the 80’s Thrash scene great, just having a new style of sound added into to it.

Blood, Sweat and Pride” slows thing back down once more. The melodies pick up pace quickly from the slower melodic start. This is more a mix of EXODUS and TESTAMENT, but down in a new style, the GRINDPAD style.  The pace f he melody is certainly set to full, with controlling this a huge task, it is performed amazingly. The sound is brilliant again, cannot find fault with it.

Mature Love” starts off with a thicker beat, almost Glam Metal style which soon breaks into Thrash styles, most like TESTAMENT. The pace does slow down into more modern day EXODUS, which is no insult, but the originality has been lost once more, sounds vocally like “Blacklist”, which works with the melodies played, but it is no longer the sound of GRINDPAD, it is a borrowed one.

MK Ultra” is a heavier song than most others, at the start point. The only issues is that it I a song which at least from a style point of view, has been done on the album already, so its not new, this leaves it a bit disappointing. The beat is till goo enough to get feet tapping and heads banging. The melodies could have exploded into something new and crazy, but have been played a little too safe.

To Those About to Die” is the final song from this throw back to the 80’s album. Its not got he pace I was expecting and has not gone in as heavy as I wanted it, feels more like something that would be in a Heavy Metal compilation album with AC/DC, which is no insult, its just not what was expected. Not exactly the finish I was expecting, nor what the album deserved.

It is a throwback to 80’s Thrash at its prime. Only issue is, we’ve heard it all before, so originality is scoring a low number. The execution of the melodies makes it a great album and it will sit in playlists with OBITUARY, EXODUS, TESTAMENT nicely.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 6
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. My Name Is Violence
2. Burn the Rapist
3. Toxic Terror
4. The Knife Is Sharper than Ever
5. Justice Part 1: Crime (Instrumental)
6. Justice Part 2: Punishment
7. Revuelta
8. Blood, Sweat and Pride
9. Mature Love
10. MK Ultra
11. To Those About to Die
Olivier van der Kruijf – Lead Vocals
Axel Bonacic – Guitars
Rik van Gageldonk – Bass Guitar
Jan Gerard Dekker – Guitars
Paul Beltman – Drums
Record Label: Iron Shield Records


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