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Grisly - The Spectral Wars

The Spectral Wars
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 17 September 2018, 7:43 AM

I was unable to find much information about this Swedish Death Metal act, other than the fact that they formed in 2014, and are a trio. I am unsure who provides the vocals as well. This is their debut album here, and contains ten tracks. What are we to make of Death Metal these days? The genre has been around since the mid to late 1980’s, and although Extreme Music has taken quite a diverse turn over the past decade, there are still plenty of traditionalists out there. Cue GRISLY, and their debut effort, “The Spectral Wars.” They play a traditional form of Death Metal, mastered by the forefathers like BENEDICTION, GRAVE, and AUTOPSY. The production is pretty good. It focuses on the weighted nature of the band’s sound, without compromising the structure of their sound. Tracks such as “Rot to the Living,” really nail hard the aggressiveness of the music, with full guttural vocals that can almost be understood as is, without the annoying constant blast beat drumming that can often accompany the genre. Still, most of the tracks are very similar in length, making it hard for the music to rise out of mediocrity.

“The Casket Eaters” uses a similar formula. It’s wide open in the verses, then switches to semi-blast beat drumming just before the chorus. Some lead guitar breaks rattle against the song, thick with reverb. “Bring out the Horrors” is a slightly shorter piece that focuses on delivery of the Death vocals with energy and rage. “Supernatural Warfare” uses a repetitive riff over and over to club you to death. There are some elements of true horror here, but they are few and far between. “Sentenced to Armageddon” follows a heavy and slower pattern, with some running lead guitar work amidst the structure of the Death Metal sound. Overall it’s a depressing song and judging by the song title, it should be.

“Into Insanity” is the first song with some variegate. Though the main power riff still flows icy throughout the track, the song features some nice nuggets of lead guitar fills and some shifting riffs along with a blood-curling scream. “The Spectral Wars” closes the album. There is a despondent feeling here in this song, which contains some spoken words. It’s the most complete song on the album and finishes things off nicely. Overall, it was a decent effort from a fledgling band looking to make their way into the hallowed halls of the Death Metal genre. They have all the ingredients necessary, they just need to find a way to impose their personality more in their music. The last track was almost there. I have a feeling with a little more work, these guys will find their niche.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Consumed from Beneath
2. Rot to the Living
3. Parasite Parasite
4. The Casket Eaters
5. Teeth that Rips
6. Bring out the Horrors
7. Supernatural Warfare
8. Sentenced to Armageddon
9. Into Insanity
10. The Spectral Wars
Rogga Johannson – Guitars
Dennis Blomberg – Bass
Henke Lundgren – Drums
Record Label: Xtreem Music


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