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Grohm - The Negation Of Silence (CD)

The Negation Of Silence
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 27 May 2007, 7:42 AM

First time I hear about this band. First time I hear about this label. The only thing that looks familiar is the logo, the titles from the tracks, the nicknames, the corpse paint and the whole attitude in general. Yes, the only thing I have understood until now is that I have to do with one more Black Metal band. I realized that I have reviewed many Back Metal releases lately. I just hope this album is worth my time.

GROHM is a Black Metal band (oops, I mentioned this earlier, anyway) from Vienna, Austria. Austria is a country with many and great Metal bands like DEADSOUL TRIBE, ABIGOR, SUMMONING and PUNGENT STENCH. I just hope they will have the same level as the aforementioned bands. Anyway, the band is pretty fresh since it was formed in 2003. The band's first release was a demo in 2005, which was released by Eigenproduktion. One more demo release followed later the same year. The band finally managed to sign a contract with Ashen Productions to release this mini CD entitled The Negation Of Silence.

Ok, the attitude seems pretty good. You know, spikes, corpse paint, black clothes and this evil look. Despite the whole evil atmosphere, I am here to see if this band can do it as well regarding their composing skills. I do not know if I can have a complete opinion on the band's music since we are talking about a mini CD with only five studio tracks and a live one. Anyway, the album starts with a calm and atmospheric intro, where Gmorg's synthesizer transforms into a piano and delivers a pessimistic approach to what melody is. As people say, there is always silence before the storm. After the melodic intro, the band's Black Metal assault takes on the starring role. Couldn't it at least be a bit more decent Black Metal? Mediocre compositions, shitty production and funny vocals. There are times the guitar sounds like it comes out of a Game Boy! The Negation Of Silence is a work that proves that Black Metal needs bands like DODHEIMSGARD, WATAIN and ROTTING CHRIST to show the way to more experimental and brutal forms! Even though GROHM are trying to present a more brutal version of early DARKTHRONE they don't seem to do it well enough to convince me about their abilities.

Since I have reviewed many Black Metal releases recently and I do not have many things to say, I just want to add that I hope the new MAYHEM album will kick some ass. I do not want to be disappointed by the greats of the genre, too!

2 Star Rating

Dusk (At The Beginning)
Fur Uns, Die Ihr Des Todes Seid
Zeichen (In Dunkler Nacht)
Der Sturm
Human Destroyer (At The End)
Necrofaust \[Live Track]
Gmorg - Vocals, Synths
Zarathustra - Guitar
Lord Soptock - Guitar
Lady Belial - Bass
Slavetrader - Drums
Record Label: Ashen Productions


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