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Gross Grolland - What Doesn't Kill Me Makes A Big Mistake

Gross Grolland
What Doesn't Kill Me Makes A Big Mistake
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 05 April 2012, 1:11 PM

Today, well it didn’t start in the present time period but since the mid 90s, I have been evident to lots of tags to Thrash Metal. When people were smacked to the floor by the impact of PANTERA in the late 90s, just as they idiotically chose to renounce their 80s heritage that only provided golden moments and yeah even without you Mr. Anselmo, Thrash Metal, later on became a lot groovier in the US while spreading around the world, was perceived differently. GROSS GROLLAND of the Russian Federation seemed to me like almost any other New American Metal type of band. They sound aggressive, singing in their own native Russian language (A cause for admiration or what?), modern in their pumping groove, and to some extent Thrash, Metal music but all in all, they repeat and reprocess themselves almost all the way from top to bottom.

“What Doesn’t Kill Me Makes A Big Mistake” (I really liked the rephrase of the old saying) via Metal Scrap Records, is their debut album and a first violent message to the world that the Russians can make the same New Wave of Metal thing just as the same as the original American version. By and large, I couldn’t distinguish that much between the songs of the album. The one who really impressed more than the rest was the diverse vocalist, Sergey Homyakov that barfed out his intestines with some great growl; raspy like Anselmo howls and low end provocative grunts. As for his peers in the lineup, mainly the rhythm section, they were doing the same stuff as are apparent on more than a handful of bands of the same kind. Here and there Ivan Menshchikov & Michail Vorobyov, without the knowledge of there were both on the act, provided a few lead guitar licks and one maybe two simple solos. Furthermore, “What Doesn’t Kill Me Makes A Big Mistake”was produced just as every modern American Metal, though I would have to let these guys know that while mixing the producer provided too much bass to the player’s channel. He or She might take that to account next time around.

“Bye (Be Your Enemy)”, “It” and “Friendship” were the great turnouts that the album had to offer. I found some cool ideas that could have been capitalized upon yet as always, there is always a first time for everything. GROSS GROLLAND might have sung the same song, even if it was in their language, but at least they have something to work with. It might not be the old school beast of KORROSION METALLA, but it is still worthy.


3 Star Rating

1. Kamikaze
2. Under Gunpoint
3. Die
4. Bye (Be Your Enemy)
5. It
6. Voices
7. 648
8. Policeman Tropillo
9. Friday
10. Friendship
Ivan Menshchikov– Guitar
Michail Vorobyov- Guitar
Alexander Sobolev- Bass
Roman Kiskin- Drums
Sergey Homyakov- Vocals
Record Label: Metal Scrap Records


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