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Gross Reality - Overthrow (Reissue) Award winner

Gross Reality
Overthrow (Reissue)
by Dan Mailer at 13 June 2014, 4:53 PM

Gross Reality seem pretty angry about Humanity as a whole. With their new album Overthrow, they bring an interesting blend of old school thrash and modern metal, with lots of insane riffs meeting with some quite modern production values.

Worthless Humans opens with some eerie clean guitar work before crashing into an awesome riff. The lead vocal is fairly reminiscent of Annihilator but with some more melodic touches at times that give it a bit more uniqueness. The song feels like it’s over quite soon despite a 4 minute run time, though I would say this is a good thing in the Thrash genre, with lots of super-fast riffage making it feel more compact.

Despite being quite a short album length wise, 35 Minutes Overthrow packs plenty in with 10 tracks of blistering thrash metal. There are more straight up tracks like Dirt Filled Skulls which is reminiscent of classic Metallica Tracks like Battery but again feeling a bit more modern. Haunting The Waters which feels nice and relentless in its guitar attack. But tracks like Generation 36 which offers something a little different to the standard thrash fare, with some interesting bass lines and contrasting guitar work that makes this one of the stand out tracks, with a very cool layered sounding vocal that almost touches on Mastodon style, with a really awesome mid-section that really builds a great atmosphere.
The Latter half of the album really kicks things into overdrive (or should I say Overthrow?) in terms of great songwriting and ideas. 13 O’ Clock is another that breaks the typical mould, with an interesting intro, that builds a great tense feel before later on crashing into a manic main riff with plenty to keep this one interesting too! Human Resign has some really interesting bass lines and a really great furious sound overall, with lots of tense riffs and some crazy moments, making this another impressive song! Sleep Into Dreams follows this up straight away with some really complex riffage and some more great vocals with some more cool harmonised moments too.

The album closes with title track Overthrow, with some more insane sounding guitar moments meeting with great bass playing, to make yet more tense atmosphere, whilst chugging guitars plough on underneath it all; there’s lots of different moments, with clean guitars, tight drumming and riffs that really are metal as fuck gelling together to make a really great and lasting impression to finish off the album.

The production for the album is spot on, everything is nice and clear, the guitars sound ideal for the thrash sound they are representing, the bass is nice and audible, which is a really rare thing in thrash metal for no good reason, as it works really well here. The drum sound is nice and powerful, thudding away yet nice and clear, and the vocals are really nicely produced, blending in nicely, not getting lost and with plenty of cool layered moments too.

This is the album that teaches the trendy thrash movement how it’s done. Gross Reality is a band that genuinely excites me with this release. Fantastic songwriting melds perfectly with superb musicianship to make something every fan of heavy metal, let alone thrash metal should be checking out.

5 Star Rating

1. Worthless Humans
2. Dirt Filled Skulls
3. Save Yourself
4. Generation 36
5. Haunting The Waters
6. 13 O’Clock
7. I’m Absent
8. Human Resign
9. Sleep Into Dreams
10. Overthrow
Jason Wheeler – Drums
Daniel Powell – Bass, Vocals
Roland Arthur – Guitar
Taylor Veraldi - Guitar
Record Label: Divebomb Records


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