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Grotesque Deity - Bloodream Award winner

Grotesque Deity
by Michael Coyle at 10 June 2015, 10:38 PM

Today we see that the branches of the tree of Death extend even further through the world then we thought, ladies and gentlemen, with the band, GROTESQUE DEITY, from Mexico and their record, “Bloodream”.

Lord of Torment”. The start of this song goes quite well with what is about to come. The song’s structure is very strong and at the same time is able to keep to very simple and very strong, which is good for a song like this, to be very honest, if I would change one thing though, it would be the volume on the vocals, as I can only hear them when they are at a certain height, which for any Death Metal band is very crucial. At the same time, I feel that the guitars could have been done better for this song, as they seem alright but at the same time, it feels lazy just until you get to the solo near the end where it does very well to save the song. I feel if the song was done live then we would have a whole different sound going on, which would certainly bring it up more, but still great effort either way.

“Field drinks Blood”. Now with this song, it really gets you going in a greater way then before; it starts fast and ferocious with a lot to offer the listener, it seems compared to the previous track the vocals have been increased and show that this record is progressing in the right ways. What I love most though, is this increasing tone and beat that leads the song through some stages of groove, which show clearly through the track; I feel that with this we have a song that fans could really get into, as it does take you through a lot of different sounds and ideas, which really do capture you.

“Bloodream”. Continuing on the road of progression, the band bring some melody with this tracks opener and really takes a different root compared to the past few songs, it takes you through a storm of ideas and creativity if not something angry and tormented at the same time, it feels that for what this song is it shows that the band have taken some areas of idea and structure; when it came down to this one song alone showing that for this record the guys have really taken some time to plan out what they wanted out of this, it seems as you listen on through this song, it takes different shades and flows through areas that control different aggressions.

“In Dim Abysses”. For this song alone, we have some power grooves and vicious riffs, which I have to say mix perfectly together to form, what I feel is the records best track by far folks, it takes up some very evil and quite intense visions of brutality which together form one hell of a fucking song, I must say. Through listening to this track, I feel that this is the formula I feel the band should stick with as it shows the band’s best strengths and shows what else there is to look forward to for this bands future, as it is it takes the listener from ear to ear and shows how vicious it can be by going further and further to where it needs to go.

“Putrid Salvation”. Crushing tones and incredible beats are what you will expect from this terror, as from before this song follows the same formula and goes even further, it feels like a nice mix of ENTOMBED and BOLT THROWER to be perfectly honest, as it takes some Death and Roll areas as well as some of Grinds more intense beats and riffs to form what we have before us. From the start of this record I will admit I was a bit on the edge on how this would be but honestly this proves otherwise of how creative these guys really are when it comes to where the band structure their material.

“The Chasm of Knowledge”. For this song I was happy to see some classic influence with the bands sound, as it starts off fast and pitched with some fury to it, which is just beautiful to say the least, the tone is very strong and very powerful, to the imagination it would be a potential fist in the face moment with how this song goes, to add along to it this track is really drum based, which I found earlier on in the listening, I find that the drums for this song in particular are more down to the level you would expect a Death Metal song to have, not saying the rest of the parts weren't as good, but on this one track there is a lot to take in.

“You Were Flesh” (Bonus Track). Compared to the previous openings to the songs on this record, we find ourselves with an intro that is slow and sending us into a calm state which then leads to a faster and more violent tune to which then brings us into a whole new level of tone and viciousness, I'd say that with this song we have the best of what this band is capable of in one whole, which shows that there is always a song that beats the rest above all, and that is simply what we have right here with this skull breaking skin splitting hitter, I feel that if anyone tries this song out they will agree that this is some incredible power in thee both the vocals and the guitars above all else the bass also brings out this songs best.

To conclude, I feel that the band have a way to go but they have shown that with this release, there are always high hopes and I feel for this band that the future of Death Metal is secured perfectly well.

4 Star Rating

1. Lord of Torment
2. Field drinks Blood
3. Bloodream
4. In Dim Abysses
5. Putrid Salvation
6. The Chasm of Knowledge
7. You Were Flesh (Bonus Track)
Leonardo Valdez - Lead Guitars
Gerardo Pacheco - Bass
Paco León - Shouts
Francisco Corleone - Guitar
Cristopher Nexey - Drums
Record Label: Infernal Devastation Records


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