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Ground Zero System – Counterculture

Ground Zero System
by Eric “Carnegie” Hall at 21 May 2012, 8:29 PM

Well, here we go. Another week has officially begun, and with it, I’m struggling to put any effort into my actual paying job because I just cashed my check and am officially in “Don’t Give a Fuck about Work” Island. Actually, that’s not entirely true. When the tide comes in it really becomes a peninsula for a brief period.

Another week means another round of reviews to make. Let’s divulge on that for a while, shall we? First, my editor-in-chief emails myself and the rest of the crew a comprehensive list of all the available material ripe for the reviewing. Since I’m a cynical jackass with no faith in humanity and a hairy back, I usually just select two at random and see where my disappointment takes me.

Hours later, the selections I’ve made magically appear in my inbox, free of charge. Yes, I will say it – the best part of this job is getting loads of free music for free without having to pay for any of it. The downside to this is the fact that most of it is completely forgettable garbage music not fit to listen to if you were deaf and in a medically-induced coma. It’s a strange way how the universe balances itself out.

Once I have the music downloaded, it’s time to give it a whirl and see where we go. And of course, I end up back in the realm of Disappointmentonia – a realm I frequent at such an astonishing rate I’m only a single stamp away on my membership card to get the free coffee and hat. I would be excited, except I hate coffee and I don’t wear hats. How… appropriate?

Was it not so obvious that I haven’t even mentioned the album in question, it’s because I haven’t. It happens to be “Counterculture” by GROUND ZERO SYSTEM, for the uninformed. It’s like Black Metal’s illegitimate and paraplegic son jerked off his numbed cock onto a napkin that was once owned by Hardcore. That’s exactly what it sounds like, I think.

I remember listening to it. My iTunes player even has a recorded counter of me having played through it – but I’m struggling to remember any of it. Maybe it’s early-onset Alzheimer’s, or maybe I was too high to actively remember anything, or (even more plausible) it was such an uninteresting musical creation that my brain subconsciously told me to not remember any of it so it can retain more room for pornographic material and sarcastic comments.

Which must mean it wasn’t very good, so a solid 5 will do. Right in the middle, between love and hate – a profound sense of indifferent “blegh”. That’s the closest the English language can get me to adequately describe this album: blegh.

I should probably open up iTunes and give it another go, right? After all, it would be foolish for me to simply finalize my opinion based on fragmented memories about listening to something called “Counterculture” without taking one final opportunity to see if I missed something potentially amazing, right?


2 Star Rating

1. Endgame
2. False Flags
3. Iconoclasm
4. Sensory Domination
5. Blackout Revolution
6. Seven Bullet Synergy
7. Be All End All
8. Fed to the Wyrm
9. Freebasing Democracy
Kristian Speich Eide– Guitars / Synths / Samples
Peter Nordin– Bass
Lars Erik Asp– Drums
Alf Magne Andersen- Vocals
Record Label: Facefront Records


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