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Ground Of Ruin - Visions Of Obscenity (CD)

Ground Of Ruin
Visions Of Obscenity
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 20 May 2007, 3:13 PM

It is good to have some demo releases to review from time to time. You keep discovering new things, either good or bad. The fact is that you see that the underground is still alive and that there are a lot of bands that strive for a piece of the Metal pie. Before I even start listening to this demo, I was impressed with the whole package. I felt like I was reviewing an album. Very nice artwork, well designed booklet, even the lyrics are included in the booklet!

GROUND OF RUIN hails from Ireland, the country of the legendary THIN LIZZY! Even though their country has a great tradition in the Hard Rock/Blues scene, this band decided to take a more extreme direction and play some Death/Thrash Metal stuff. After their formation in 2003, they released their first demo in 2005. One year later, the band released this demo, but I just got it for a review.

So, the package is impressing as I said earlier. Is the music as impressive? I am sorry but I don't think so. Even though the band's biography mentions that GROUND OF RUIN have managed to share the stage with bands like DECAPITATED, GOREROTTED and ROTTING CHRIST, they didn't convince me about their abilities. These guys are technically skilled, but the songs are not that powerful as I thought they would be. The production is definitely not one of the best I have ever come across and they should decrease the melodic parts. It seems melody does not fit their style. Even though an album is not characterized by the production, I think that this band would sound much better with a clean and heavy production. The band's music is nothing that can make you stay interested throughout the whole demo, but there are a few times that you will see some interesting ideas. I admit that after 1-2 listening sessions I got bored.

I hope that the band will return with a much stronger work. Since this is a demo release, I do not want to be harsh regarding the production. I will just wait for their debut full-length work, whenever it is released, to see the band's real abilities.

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Dave Hynes - Vocals
Rob Chanders - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Dom Brennan - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Derek Gibson - Bass
Fran Moran - Drums
Record Label: Self Financed


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