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Gruesome - Dimensions Of Horror

Dimensions Of Horror
by Jessica R. Harman at 07 February 2017, 2:17 PM

GRUESOME was born in the United States from the involvement with the DEATH TO ALL tours. Harvey, served as front man for the original mini­-tour and Rios both performed “Baptized in Blood”. What started off as a halfhearted joke to focus writing their own material in an intentional homage to DEATH turned into a full fledge band. In 2014, GRUESOME released a pair of single song demos and later released their first full length album “Savage Land” in 2015.  They are back with their release of “Dimensions of Horror”. This EP comes in with six tracks and a listening time of just over 18 minutes.

The opening track “Forces of Death” is just as deep and hard as you would expect from DEATH. The homage stays true. The vocals are some of the best in the Death Metal genre. This almost four minute track is dripping with goodness. The bass rattles your brain as the drums blast beat their way into your heart. The guitars shred away in a never-ending glorious spiral. “Raped by Darkness”, track two, comes in even stronger than the first. Not only is it stronger, it is also faster and harder. The guitars and bass create such a bit of uniqueness in this track. There is low, there is high, and there is so much creative presence. The vocals keep the track grounded and the drums hit it out of the park.

Track three “Amputation” is a small track of just over two and a half minutes. Blast beats tear through the noise. The vocals are a bit deeper in this track, but the overall feeling is much more energy, yet lighter in ambience. The guitars at the minute and a half and after capture your attention. There isn’t anything new, per se, here but the way in which it is presented is awesome. “Hellbound”, track four, is much deeper but still keeps much of the energy from the last track. The vocals range a little in this track from a growl to a forcible scream. The guitars are the highlight in this track. The riffage lasts for days in this track. Even in the sections that are “reserved” for vocals, there is so much guitar work.

Seven Doors” is track five and the smallest track on the album coming in at two minutes and twenty-three seconds. The chompy guitars from the start help build the energy instantly. When I hear this track, I see heads flying everywhere. A perfect head banging track, although, we don’t really need a perfect track for that, do we? The final track on the album is the also the album’s namesake. This track is interesting. Again, a heavy guitar focused track, but out of all the tracks, this one shows so much musicianship and creativity. It’s like the guitars take the lead role in this track and it turned out beautifully.

GRUESOME’s “Dimensions of Horror” has tons of elements to absorb throughout the six track EP. There is so much to capture that it takes multiple listens before you are able to hear everything they have to offer within. The lurid music within is nothing but macabre. Check out this Classic Death Metal collection.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Forces Of Death
2. Raped by Darkness
3. Amputation
4. Hellbound
5. Seven Doors
6. Dimensions of Horror
Daniel Gonzalez ­- Guitar
Matt Harvey ­– Guitar and Vocals
Robin Mazen ­- Bass
Gus Rios ­- Drums
Record Label: Relaspe Records


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