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Grumo - Fallimento

by Michael Coyle at 19 February 2016, 2:16 PM

GRUMO are an Italian Grindcore/Death Metal band from Modena, Emilia Romagna. GRUMO first started back in 2004, it wasn't until 2006 that the band would released their first Demo entitled "K.A.R.N.E.". Until 2012, the band would only have a string of demos and splits, 2006's "Splatter Demo 06" to 2007's "For the Men who love the Women, who love the…pain", this would be a compilation of seven bands including GRUMO. In 2008, the band would release their last split entitled "6 way to put your shit out", once again a compilation of seven bands including GRUMO. As the years would go by the band would finally release their first full length release entitled "Voglio vederti Sprofondare". It is clear to see that GRUMO have been especially busy since they first formed, now we see if the band is capable of continuing onward and growing with their sound by releasing "Fallimento".

Starting off with the track "Intro" we see the band use something different in terms of an opening track. It almost sounds like faint techno music mixed with a Halloween vibe, which in a way works for this album, but at the same time leaves me curious if this track is giving us a taste into the actual record or if it's something to lure the mind into security. "Blood Spilling" is the next track on this record and the first official track. It starts off with force and chaotic riffs mixed with frantic drums and bass which come together in creating the bones of this track. It gives us a taste into what the record will entail. The style of this track is a very heavy classic style of Death grind that absolutely brings it hard. The track has a very nice mix of slow to fast riffs that really crush and present themselves perfectly. It shows that the band have maintained a balance of classic grind and death giving us a track that stands out.

Before writing the review, I found that this record has a lot to offer fans of every corner of the Death metal map, giving us elements both old and new styles and shows that there is still hope for the future of this incredible music style. One that has evolved and influenced so many incredible musicians, this of course counts for GRUMO, who have been able to create a record that stands out as a modern extreme masterpiece that stands on it's own."Cani Sciolti" is yet another track on "Fallimento" that delivers a hard and brutal tone for those looking for something heavy and aggressive to a point where it cannot be chained down by normal means. With what this track offers to the listener, we see something that hits where you would expect the blow to hurt the worst. It gives us a look at a more modern touch up on the Grind scale showing what the band are capable of bringing with each idea that is on this record. Without a doubt, this track offers a little bit of everything for fans of old school grind, showcasing ideas that embody the bands love of the music as well as creating a new line in the legacy of this aggressive musical sub genre.

4 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Blood Spilling
3. Nothing to Declare
4. Cani Sciolti
5. Fallimento
6. Fucking Business
7. Animo in Rivolta
8. Solo Morte e Miseria
9. Viewers of the End
10. Vendetta Animale
11. Alienation
12. Suffer the Children (Napalm Death cover)
Marco - Bass
Nico - Drums
Simmi - Guitars
Riki - Vocals
Record Label: Earthquake Terror Noise


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Edited 01 December 2022

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