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Grumpynators - Wonderland Award winner

by MarcusTheRocker at 03 July 2015, 10:50 AM

Remember how I said a while ago that Finland are a country who are now rivals to the mighty Swedes? It was after I made that statement that I quickly remembered another one who in recent times has also been making good strong European Rock/Metal music. That country is Denmark and although I haven’t heard that many Danish releases, the ones I have heard have been pretty good overall and it’s clear that this country is yet another strong rival for Sweden when it comes to making great music.

On now to today’s review and I am going to talk about the debut from a new Danish band that formed in recent years and their name is GRUMPYNATORS and their debut CD “Wonderland” shall be the subject of today’s review. Formed in 2011 in Copenhagen, this quartet have created their own signature musical style in the form of MotorBilly - a fusion of Hard Rock, Metal and Rockabilly with the key element being the double bass instrument that is used in their songs.

After a few years of touring and releasing their first EP in 2013, the time came for their debut album to be released to the world and this year in 2015 we have just that in the form of “Wonderland” which is an 11 song album full of original MotorBilly songs. The album opens up with the title track which does have a bit of a strange introduction when you hear it but after it rips into the main song, you soon forget about the intro as the rest of the song is punchy, heavy and powerful enough to get this unique record off to a good start.

Throughout the remainder of the album, you get a sense of the unique sound the band have created for themselves and you can also pick up influences and homages to bands like MOTORHEAD which is obvious when you hear the arrangements of the songs as well as the singers vocals which are very reminiscent of Lemmy Kilmister.

So does MotorBilly really work as a genre that you’d want to hear again? The simple answer is yes it is. The reason why it works is because GRUMPYNATORS have been able to take a total of three genres and fuse it into one new original and unique style that seems to work very well for their music.

The double bass in particular has been used very well here and it just seems to work for the band’s sound as the other parts, including the guitars, vocals and drums, seem to complement each other very well as all have their own unique sound and playing style.

The 11 songs are all produced very well for an album that has a sound as unique as this one. It may be a bit hit and miss in a few places, such as a couple of songs where the vocals may otherwise be a bit hard to hear at times, but that’s not really such a major issue worth worrying, about as there is plenty of redeeming features, which include the songs and the performance from the band which is punchy, powerful, energetic and enjoyable.

Bottom line, the debut album from GRUMPYNATORS is a very good way to kick off their career as future pioneers of the now new MotorBilly genre as they have been able to take three genres and fuse them into one and make it their own. If you want to hear how this all plays out into a great album, then you should pick this up, crank it loud and enjoy the punchy, powerful and energetic songs.

4 Star Rating

1. Wonderland
2. Walking in the Night
3. Burning in the Snow
4. Walked Away
5. The Calling
6. The Stalker
7. Speeding
8. This Is My Life
9. Pray For Your Life
10. Mama No
11. A Life Without You
Emil Øelund – Vocals, Guitar
Christian Nørgaard - Lead Guitar
Jakob Øelund - Bass
Per Fisker - Drums, Vocals
Record Label: Target Records


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